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Jade Phoenix

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FloridaConQuest under construction

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The AIRPGA has been a bit slow the past few years but SEADS LAN Parties have been the shizzle since 2005moveball.gif (2196 bytes)

Got Bawls? We do.

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SEADS LAN Parties, for more info click here.

BYOC Please --- BYOC --- Please ---- Please feel free to Bring your own Computer as we have pleanty of space.


Please visit our Photo Galary:

Necro 2006        Anime SuperCon 2007      SuperCon 2007

Necro 2007        Chibi-pa 2007         JaniCon 2007

        Anime School of Rock 2008       NarutoTrek 2008

MetroCon 2008           Chibi Pa 2008

Necro 2008 LAN      Necro 2008 CosPlay

NarutoTrek 2009       ASR 2009 (Comming soon)

MetroCon 2009     BableCon 2009   MiniMegaCon 2009

Chibi-Pa 2009    

Chibi-Pa 2011    Necronomicon 2011    ShadoCon 2011

Khaotickon 2012    Necronomicon 2012    Shadocon 2012

ChibiPa 2012    LAN parties 2013

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AIRPGA 2nd Edition DnD campaign TBA

  • Fighters Challenge

    • One on one campaign for beginners

  • Hellgate keep

    • High Level campaign 9th and above.

  • Con gaming

    • TBA

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Forgotten Realms Calendar:

  • Forgotten Realms calendar found from a source on the web. This is very well done up and it incorporates all the Days and seasons Calendar
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the views of gamers online, in particular the RPG and LARP community. We host weekly public gaming sessions, all sessions are open to the general public. Hosting this website does get expensive we would appreciate any donations. If you are an RPG or LARP gamer in the South Florida area please feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating in a gaming session.

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