Anime SuperCon Photo Gallery

This was a Large Convention SEADS LAN parties attended. We had 12 Gaming systems and were running 2 Servers all weekend. We had a large following of Console games and so we set them up to use out Projector and guests of the Con were playing X-Box, PS3, Game Cube and even Wii. Thanks to Mike and all of his staff for making this one of the Best LAN Parties SEADS has ever Hosted.


SEADS LAN party Day 1

Just a Group of Gamers watching and Playing

Wall of games and the

Six systems Line up and Bawls for the Energy to play all night

Time to Play

Guests of the Party lined up to face off, Out Host The Captain monitoring system functions and the big screen of Anime.

Just a few gamers

Even Couples enjoy time in the LAN Room

Ashley and her friend

One of our Assistants, Beth helped out and her Daughter had a ball too.

LAN Parties are cool

Just a Guest of the LAN Room ready to jump in the Gaming arena.

Ashley and friend again

The Consol gaming really took off at the show and we let the entertainment continue.

Sit back and enjoy

Comfortable seating and responsive gaming systems is what it's all about.

The room was filling up

Gamers all over joined and watching the gaming in the wall. Console gaming is definitely a Hit.

Hearts anyone?

Even if your not a Hard Core Gamer, guests found other games to Enjoy.

Even the Little ones

Children of all ages fond fun in this years Anime Supercon LAN party

Team work is the Key

Many games like Unreal Tournament. the key to successful game play is teamwork.

Anime SuperCon L.A.N. Room

Welcome to our world

The Early Stages

Before the Games Begin on Day 2, The Captain is checking all the equipment and resolving issues before they arise.

You like Big? We have it.

This was the #1 gaming system and it uses a 31" Flat Panel LCD. SEADS runs 2 of these at there shows.

Day 2 still setting up, Anime Anyone?

Are you an Aqua-Teen Hunger force fan?

Two Players Beginning the Day

SEADS LAN party is a great place to wind down and relax.

The Display of all Displays

Guests love the crisp resolution of a 31" Display

Don't panic it's just Err

AnimeSuperCon was one of the only Anime parties the same weekend as the Aqua-Teen Hunger Force Move was released. Remember Boston? South Florida is not afraid.

The Party is on

This years LAN room was one of the Best.

Guests Caught in the act of having fun

Just another of our Guests enjoying himself

Loading, Loading, Loading and Away

Off with your plans of world domination in an Unreal Tournament.

Not a First Person Shooter Fan? how about Simulators.

SEADS even supplies old school and Simulator games. How about your own City in SimCity 4

Master Shake on the Big Screen

If the Console games weren't running Anime was, as players enjoy there favorite games.

Games games games

And still more Games

Loaded and ready to go

Players and Lookers alike enjoy Anime SuperCon LAN party.

Standing room only at times

At Times we were so full it was standing room only. But hey the AC was cool and the environment was pleasant


The audience spend hours watching the mayhem on the Big screen

Thanks to DANA SNYDER and the team from Aqua Welcome DANA SNYDER

Master Shake himself was present for the Party and having a great time.

Even our Staff had a ball

This is Beth and Dana having a Laugh at the Party


Dana is a real cool guy and we thank him for Autographing our Decorations, They will be back for SuperCon this year as well.

Dana and El-Mo chilling

El-Mo is one of our Staff members and a huge supporter of SEADS LAN Room. Thanks Man we could do it with out you.

El-Mo and Dana The Power of Cheese

We all had a good old time and the party was not even half over

Dana was the Coolest guests we have ever had

He was full of energy and enjoyed metting his fans and our Guests.

Beth and Dana

You two are Crazy but we Love you. :)

SEADS would like to thank JAY WADE EDWARDS





DIRECTOR OF STOMP! SHOUT! SCREAM! Siging the LiteBrite as well

Jay Wade Edwards Producer, Editor and Director


Would not be as populer as it is with out the Talent of Mr Edwards. Thank you for takign the time to Vist us in the LAN Room as well.

Mr Edwards and EL-Mo

Just more of our Staff and Special Guests Chilling.

To the Serios Gamers

We enjoy all of you and look forward to your presence at many more Conventions SEADS LAN party is hosting.

Up Yours World

Err tells it how it is.

More time with Dana

Dana and El-Mo Still Cillin

It's the Drizzle

Thank you Dana and look forward to seeing you and Super Con as well

Your Truley The Captain took time to chat with Jay

Jay is a cool dude with alot of responsibility. Thank you for your time and it was a pleasure metting you.

Jay is a Bussy man

But still has time for fans of his production

Welcome Jay and you go El-Mo

Jay and El-Mo once more

Gaming never stops

The Hotel made us close down by 2am otherwise we can run all night

Day 3 was a hit as well

Just as many guests join out LAN party though the weekend was winding down and guests were dragging their feet

Just another Day at the Con

Wii was the focus of attention on the Big Screen most of Sunday

Still a Large Crowd

But we all had a great time

As the Day Winds down

We look forward to FSC and hope to see all of you there in June


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