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LAN Party

LAN Party

 SEADS is proud to offer LAN Parties hosted for End users as well as Corporate events and Gaming Conventions.

Got Bawls? We do.


LAN party 101

    A LAN party is a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people with computers, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games. The size of these networks may vary from the very small (two people) to very large installations. Small parties can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation. As of 2010, the world record for the size of a LAN party is 12,754 connected systems, set at DreamHack, in Jönköping, Sweden.[1]
LAN party events differ significantly from LAN gaming centers and Internet cafes in that they generally require attendants to bring your own computer (BYOC)[2] and are not permanent installations, often taking place in general meeting places or residences.

 1 Small LAN parties
 2 Larger LAN parties
 3 Bigger LAN Parties
 4 Sponsorship
 5 Culture
 6 Console LAN parties
 7 Notable events
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 10 External links Small LAN parties

Small LAN parties

   Usually smaller LAN parties consist of people bringing their computers or other gaming consoles over to each other's house to host and play multiplayer games.

  These are sometimes established between small groups of friends, and hosted at a central location or one that is known to all participants. Such events are often organized quickly with little planning, and some overnight events, with some stretching into days (or even weeks). Because of the small number of players, games are usually played on small levels and/or against bots.

  A small LAN party requires either a hub/switch, with enough ports to accommodate all the players or if all the computers have Wi-Fi capability, a ad-hoc network may be set up. This allows two or more computers to connect over a wireless connection, thereby eliminating the need for a wired network, a fair amount of power, and suitable surfaces for all the computers. Providing refreshments is often also a duty of the host, though guests are usually asked to contribute. In larger parties where participants may not all know each other personally, an entry fee may even be charged. Another tradition of some small groups is to purchase large amounts of fast food for consumption over many days. Many LAN participants will also bring energy drinks and other food to consume over the course of the party.

When some of the participants cannot be present or when merging a few LAN parties together, VPN software such as Hamachi can be used to arrange computers over the Internet so they appear to be on the same LAN.

  Normally the host will host the games but sometimes at very small LAN parties (e.g. 2 or 3 people) all participants will connect to a online internet server and add a word in front of their name to tell everyone else that they are a clan or group. At bigger LANs (e.g. 5 or more people) the host or a friend of the host will use a spare PC as a game server to serve all the participants. Usually the host and/or the owner are admins.
The group can play together in another server as well if they wish as long as they are in the same LAN.

Larger LAN parties


  A photo from the world's largest LAN party, DreamHack.

   Many commercialized parties offer various tournaments, with competitions in such games as StarCraft, Quake series, Call of Duty 4, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike Source, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead series, America's Army, Battlefield 2, Doom series, Garry's Mod and Halo series sometimes awarding prizes to the winners. Prizes can include computer hardware such as over clocking kits, cases, lights, fans, graphics cards and sometimes even complete computers (often considered humorous as typically the winner of the competition would already have (and be competing on) a custom PC far superior to the prize).

  The duration of the event is not standardized; many organized parties last for a weekend, while there have also been longer and shorter parties such as weekend wars.

Big LAN parties often offer a quiet place to sleep, shower, and eat, as well as hired security, alternative entertainment (such as music), and a dedicated support crew, as well as a professionally managed network including a connection to the Internet. Catering might come in the form of a bar, delivered food such as pizza, or nearby shops. Some parties come fully catered in the form of regular barbecues or even employment of a catering staff running a public canteen.

  Gaming clans — groups of gamers that often play in team games—often use these gatherings to meet one another, since they typically play together over the Internet between other parties with little real-world contact. Their goal is often to win tournaments. Clans are often in "ladders" where they move up after winning a match. As well as counting for standings in national and international gaming leagues such as the CPL there are regular events such as QuakeCon in which the very best players from around the world compete against one another, much like in popular sports. Practice matches are usually held prior to a match so competitors can get a rough idea of what they are up against.

  Often case modders and over clocker's attend these events to display their computers, which otherwise would be seen by few. Some come just to display their computers and look at others' computers.

  Some attendees also use these parties for the purpose of file sharing. Copyright infringement via file sharing is often discouraged or forbidden by the larger parties. However, enforcement is rare and spotty due to the time involved and often a lack of desire by organizers. Some LAN parties actively support file sharing for legitimate purposes (game patches, updates, user contributed content), and may run Direct Connect hubs or other P2P service servers. One of the main reasons for running such servers is so file sharing can be monitored/controlled while standard Windows file sharing (SMB/CIFS) can be blocked, thus preventing the spread of SMB/CIFS-based viruses. Most P2P setups used at LAN parties also have a 'centralized' chat area, where all members of the LAN party can converse in an IRC-like environment.

  There are also other kinds of parties not referred to as "LAN parties" where temporary LANs are built, but are not used as a main attraction. Amongst these are demoparties such as Assembly and hacker conventions such as DEF CON.

  In the traditionally active demoscene countries, such as those in Northern Europe, the LAN party culture is often heavily influenced by demoparties. This is due to the fact that many of the largest demoparties were already well established in the early 1990s and their facilities were also suitable for large-scale LAN party activity. This eventually led gaming clans and other similar groups to attend these events and regard them merely as large LAN parties. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for "pure" LAN parties in Northern Europe to organize some demoscene-like competitions in areas such as computer graphics or home videos.

Many computer companies, including NVIDIA[3], Razer[4], Cyber Snipa, Antec Inc.[5], Corsair[6], Alienware[7], and Thermaltake[8], offer sponsorship packages to large LAN parties, with funding, prizes, or equipment given in return for advertising. Many large-scale LAN parties seek such sponsorship, in order to reduce operating risk (often the organisers risk losing tens of thousands of dollars) and provide prizes for attendees.

LAN parties have their own unique culture. Attendees will often show off their computers with flashy aftermarket lighting, LCD screens, enhanced speakers, and many other types of computer accessories (otherwise known as Case modding).[9] Highly caffeinated drinks, termed energy drinks, are very popular in these events to improve concentration and stamina as LAN parties often run into the early morning hours.[10] Large parties can last for several days with no scheduled breaks. Often sleep is compromised to play throughout the night and into the next day although there is often a designated room separated from the LAN party to sleep.

Console LAN parties
Another type of LAN party is a gaming console party. It can range from a small group of friends linking two consoles together with a system link cable, to many units connected to an Ethernet switch or a specially manufactured link box.

The following table shows what home consoles support linking multiple systems, and how many consoles they support.



Maximum systems


PlayStation (non-slim models)

PlayStation Link Cable


Sony Computer Entertainment

PlayStation 2



Sony Computer Entertainment

PlayStation 3



Sony Computer Entertainment

Sega Saturn

DirectLink/Link Cable



Sega Dreamcast

Link Cable



 Atari Jaguar



Atari Corporation

Atari Jaguar



Atari Corporation

Xbox/Xbox 360

System Link



Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapter

maximum of 16 players on 2 to 8 systems (limited to 3 games: 1080° Avalanche, Kirby Air Ride and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)






   It is becoming common for different consoles to be present at larger LAN events where participants connect their consoles to the existing network. Some of these events have a separate area for participants to set up their consoles.

Notable events
* DreamHack, the largest LAN party in the world.[11] Held twice annually in Jönköping, Sweden.
* The Gathering, the second largest LAN party in the world.[citation needed] Held in Hamar, Norway.
* The i-Series, the largest UK LAN party.[citation needed] Held at Newbury Racecourse, United Kingdom.
* Gaming Scotland, the largest Scottish LAN[12] party held at the Dobbie Hall, Scotland, United Kingdom
* Assembly demo party, another very large party. Held annually in Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland.
* NETWAR, a large LAN party held quarterly in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
* QuakeCon, largest LAN party in the United States[citation needed] and the largest free LAN party in the world.[citation needed] Held annually in Dallas, Texas.
* Lanwar, one of the largest LAN events in the United States.[citation needed] Held quarterly by the same name, and annually as MillionManLan.
* Cyberathlete Professional League, formerly one of the largest LAN events in the United States.[citation needed]
* Minho Campus Party, LAN party held annually in the Minho region, Portugal.
* Lan ETS, one of the largest LAN parties in North America, held annually in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at École de technologie supérieure.
* Fragapalooza, one of the largest LAN parties in Canada. Held in Edmonton, Alberta.
* LANageddon, a LAN party held annually in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
* Campzone, the world's largest outdoor LAN party held in the Netherlands.
* Pittsburgh LAN Coalition, holds Iron Storm, a major semi-yearly LAN in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
* Fife Lan Party, LAN parties in Fife, Scotland
* Organised Chaos, Africa's largest monthly LAN party (840 people). Held in the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town, South Africa. Hosted Over 2 days in the Weekend.
* Euskal Encounter, the oldest LAN party in Spain, with the highest Internet access of the world (20Gb). Held in Bilbao, Spain.
* Campus Party, a LAN Party held annually in Valencia, Spain.
* F7Lans, an annual LAN Party held in Atlanta.
* BYOC, India's Largest LAN Party held in New Delhi,India. A very popular gaming event of India by Xtreme Gaming
* BreachLAN, A LAN party held in Aberdeen, Scotland. BreachLAN Website
* BHNGaming, Holds an annual LAN event in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, United States. Tampa BHNGaming
* PNPLAN, one of Florida's oldest LAN parties is held once a quarter in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, United States, attended by 50 Members and began in 1997. PNPLAN
* Frag Infinity Tournament (Extreme Slaying) (FITES), in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas holds a 200+ person event annually with smaller ~30 person event throughout the rest of the year.
* Fragfest, a bi-monthly LAN party in Western Sydney, Australia.
* Jaguar LAN Fest, holding events since 1996, located in Sacramento, California, United States

See also
* Block party
* Demoscene
* Install fest

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Other Sites:
* Tom's Hardware Guide




How To Survive a LAN Party/Event 102

How To Survive a LAN Party/Event 102

This thread teaches you the basic principles of how to Survive at a LAN Party. It will also teach you wat to bring, and what to not do. Read these tips and do them accordingly because the LAN you might go to will probably be your last.

How Do I Prepare For One?

Tips that will help you out

- Know when the LAN Event date, so you can be prepared to go and call in for work.

- SCAN YOUR PC FOR VIRUSES AND SPYWARE!!!!! It is very important to scan your PC for Viruses and Spyware, because no one wants it to spread to other PCs. SO PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE'S SCAN!!!!

- If its a popular LAN Party/Event you should always Pre-Register if you know you are going there. You will be guaranteed a spot there.

- Have the needed games, usually is a good thing to bring games you know or you checked what they will be playing so you won't feel left out.

Bringing The PC

Usually LAN Parties are a BYOC or Bring Your Own Computer. You usually bring your PC and teh things you need to run the damn thing, here is what to bring.

Your Computer (System, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse)
Power Strip (Recommended)
Speakers or Headphones (Note: Some Lans will not allow Speakers, check the website to make sure if they do allow it or not, if no bring Headphones)
ETHERNET CABLE!!! (Recommended)
All your game CD's (Bring it)
Your Windows and Drivers disks/CD's (never know when you might need it)

Other Essentials

Deodorant (You want to smell good right?)
High Caffeine Drinks (Its always good to bring them, suggest getting em at Gas Stations, Sometimes LAN Areas do sell them depending on which one they are)
Regular Soda (If you can't find any High caffeine Drinks in a Gas Station)
Extra Cash (Sometimes LAN areas will have Vendors so you might want to check it out and buy something, other times when you get hungry you can easily order sum food at a Pizza or Chinese place.)
Fans (In summer time, some LAN areas do get really really hot)
Sleeping Bag (If you feel the need to make sum ZZZs)

Some Events don't allow you to bring your own food so just order or eat the food that is there.


They Gave Me Sometime to Prove I Paid for Admission

Wear IT!! It will prove you paid for the admission, they will check to see if you have a tag, or a band, etc.

Where Do I Set Up my Rig?

Good Question, usually setting up in a populated area will have the experience greater, because all the energy that is happening in that area, you will be in. So you will have a blast with other people beside you playing games. But in the Summer Time it does get really hot in there. So bring a fan (not a big one).

Other times you can set up outside the populated area, its not as energetic but you have a nice cool area too your own. Or you rather play alone n stuff so yeh........

What Games Should I Bring or Have?


Battlefield 2
Counter-Strike Source
Counter-Strike 1.6
Quake 3
Quake 4
Call of Duty 1/2
Unreal Tournament 2k4

Sometimes the LAN usually tells you what games or events they will be played.


What Should I Do And Not Do

Always be Polite to the Admins and other players at the Event. If a Person is bothering your/harassing you don't make a fuss, just go up to admin and tell him/her what is happening, they will deal with it.

Do not act like you own the place, you will have a Ban or getting Kicked Out waiting for you.


yea, don't cheat, use hacks, exploits, etc.





O yea Try not to go to bed early during a LAN event because Attendees and Admins might pull or will do pranks on you. It usually varies what kind of peeps they are, sometimes it involves Duck Tape, Sometimes whip cream. Its safe to sleep around 5am+

If you need to smoke, please smoke outside.

If your under 18 LAN areas will need your parents to sign a sheet saying you can be here by yourself and you will need to sign a Waiver. Some LAN areas requires a 18 year old or higher to be with you there at the whole LAN event.

How Much Should I Drink Caffeine?

It all depends on your body, if you drink High Caffeine Drinks before like 3-4 at one time I usually recommend drinking 5-10 max.

But people who just drinks Soda then take only 1 or 2 MAX

People who usually drinks coffee 5-7 MAX

First Timers 1 Drink, 2 MAX.

For Example, I been drinking High Caffeine Drinks for a long time now in great supply, so I can have up to 10 MAX before it gets a danger to my health.

If I Need Help What Should I Do?

Ask the Admins, they will help you with your Computer needs, but don't ask them to much or ask them self answered questions. Remember they are humans too so they can get annoyed.

What Can I Expect People To Share

Anime and Porn, plus movies, TV shows, stuff like that but mostly Porn.

What If I Need a Break from the PC

LAN areas will have other things to do, like sum lans areas will have Consoles set up for peeps to play like Halo 2, DDR, etc.

You can walk outside and breath in fresh air.

Rest on a couch or chair but don't sleep.

What About Tournaments?

LAN Areas will usually have Tournaments there for people to compete. Sometimes there will also be cash prizes or Games. Sometimes there will be awards or Trophies. And then you secured your bragging rights. If you a newbie at the games the tournament is doing I recommend not signing up, if you do you will sign up for your own death in the tourney. Just enjoy playing other games or spectating.

Should I bring Friends/GF/BF?

If they got a PC and they love playing video games yes why not, makes the experience even greater, make sure they got the right games hehe.

If your GF/BF is a gamer and they got her own rig and games, bring him/her but if they is not well you can let them play on your PC or they will get really bored and wonder why you both are here.

Note: Tell them the rules too n stuff.

Sometimes if they are there to watch they will need to pay a spectators fee to be there.

What Kind Of People Are usually There?

- Teens
- Husbands
- Adults
- Some Kids

Anything Else Do I Need To know?

Do not accuse people of Hacking or Cheating unless you have hard proof evidence to show to the admin, if you got nothing well you are wasting their time and yours.

At Night, most of the lights will be turned off.

Sometimes the LAN event will have contests like a PC building contest, Overclocking Contest, etc.

Sometimes LAN events have raffles so if you got a raffle ticket keep it and check to see if you win, I kept mine and I won GUN game for teh PC.

Have Fun!



 SEADS LAN Party is now offering Consol Gaming

Thanks to our Sister company C.H. Productions we can now offer XBox360 and Wii, PS3, and PS2 gaming systems in our LAN rooms. We also have Sega Genesis, Original Xbox, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 Consoles at our disposal.

To Learn more about this feature or possibly bring LAN Gaming and Console gaming under one package to your convention or party follow this link

BYOC Please --- BYOC --- Please ---- Please feel free to Bring your own Computer as we have pleanty of space.


What Games to you want to play?

Please feel free to use out Clubs Message board for further discussions regarding this and all of our Conventions.

AIRPGA Yahoo group

LAN Party Flyer

More Photos of LAN Parties

Necro 2006        Anime SuperCon 2007      SuperCon 2007

Necro 2007        Chibi-pa 2007         JaniCon 2007

        Anime School of Rock 2008       NarutoTrek 2008

MetroCon 2008    Chibi Pa 2008    Necro 2008 LAN Party

Necronomicon 2008 Cosplay     NarutoTrek 2009

MetroCon 2009     MiniMegaCon 2009

Necro 2009    MegaCon 2010     MetroCon 2010

Chibi-Pa 2011    Necronomicon 2011    ShadoCon 2011

Khaotickon 2012    Necronomicon 2012    Shadocon 2012   ChibiPa 2012 

KhaoticKon 2013   MetroCon 2013   MythiCon 2013  Necronomicon 2013  ShadoCon 2013

Our LAN Parties offer:

  •  20 network ports (more available upon request)
  •  10/100/1000 High Speed Switches
  •  DHCP Router (Internet available for additional fee)
  •  Wireless access available (Up to 50 ports at additional fee)
  • Just added 2013 new 2 AMD FX Quad core Gaming Rig
  • i5 Gaming station quad core (for 2010)
    • Intel i5 350
    • 4 gigs of DDR3 ram
    • 500 gig sata Black Drive
    • ATI x1950pro 512 Ram
    • DVD/RW drives
  • 2 AMD FX4 3.8Gh rigs (added in 2013)
    • 4 Gig DDR3
    • ATI Radion 6570 w/2Gigs Ram
    • 1TB HDD
    • DVD R/w
  • P4 Quad Core Extreme (xq6850 CPU)
    • 2 GIG DDR2
    • Nvidia 8800 GTX w768 Megs of ram
    • WD Raptor HDD 150 gig (10,000 rpm) SATA2
    • BlueRay DVD RW
  • P4 Core2Duo 1.8ghz
    • 1 Gig DDR2
    • Nvidia 7600GS 512 megs of Ram
    • 540 gig HDD
    • DVD/Rw Drive
  • AMD Phenom X4 9750 2.4ghz
    • 2 Gigs DDR2 ram
    • Nvidia 8400 GS e512 megs of ram
    • 1 TB HD
    • DVD R/W
  •  5  Gaming stations
    • (AMD 64 X2 3200 - 3800)
    • 1GIG of DDR2 ram
    • 256 Meg PCIx ATI 1950 Pro
    • 200 gig SATA HDD
    • CDR and/or (DVDR)
  •  P4 Dual core
    • (3.4Ghz) Dual Core w/Windows Media Edition
    • 2 gig of ram
    • 800Gb SATA Raid 5, array HDD
    • 512 meg Radeon X1600 ATI PCI express Video
    • DVD CDR combo Drive
  • AMD Athalon 3200
    • 1 gig of ram
    • NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT video w/512 megs
    • 80 gig SATA HDD
    • DVD CDR-w
  • Dell Power Edge Server dual Xeon Processors
    • 4 Gigs of Ram (May not be at al lEvents)
    • Windows Serer 2003 Enterprise
    • External 500 gig eSATA with all gaming ISOs
    • Intranet running Gaming Servers
  • NOTE to ALL Gamers: SEADS Can build your Gaming system to spec these are just examples of systems we can sell and build for your gaming experience... Please Contact us for a Quote to custom build your system...

  BYOC - Guests are encouraged to supply their own systems to the Convention as our expert staff will network your system to the others for a more enjoyable experience. Last year we had 12 Systems running almost around the clock let's see how many we can get together this year.

Recommended Requirements:

  • P4 3.2 Ghz or Better (Core2Duo or Quad core recomended)
  • AMD X2 3800 or better
  • 256 megs of ram (1 Gig Recommended)
  • 10/100 NIC (Gigabit is best)
  • GeForce 5500 / ATI Equivalent or Better w/128 megs of ram (256 or more recommended)
  • 20 gigs of free Hard disk space (For Games to be installed)
  • 19" Display (Flat panel's preferred)
  • Mouse, Keyboard, and all power connectors
  • Software preinstalled if possible please, see list of games below.

SEADS can custom build you a gaming system but orders must be placed 30days before an event and full payment made in advance. SEADS Specials minimal spare parts available on site but please try to supply your own.

Please Visit our LAN download page for updates we recommend for your system prior to the event.

 BYOC - Guests are encouraged to supply their own systems to the Convention as our expert staff will network your system to the others for a more enjoyable experience. Last year we had 12 Systems running almost around the clock let's see how many we can get together this year.

Recommended Requirements:

  • P4 3.2 Ghz or Better (Core2Duo or Quad core recommended)
  • AMD X2 3800 or better
  • 1 Gigabyte (4 Gig Recommended)
  • 10/100 NIC (Gigabit is best)
  • GeForce 5500 / ATI Equivalent or Better w/128 megs of ram (256 or more recommended)
  • 80 gigs of free Hard disk space (For Games to be installed)
  • 19" Display (Flat panel's preferred)
  • Mouse, Keyboard, and all power connectors
  • Software preinstalled if possible please, see list of games below.

SEADS can custom build you a gaming system but orders must be placed 3 weeks before the Convention and full payment made in advance. SEADS Specials minimal spare parts available on site but please try to supply your own.

Please Visit our LAN download page for updates we recommend for your system prior to the event.

Purchase your own:

Super Gaming System 1 (Intel core I7)*

INTEL Gamer Core-i7 4770k with Asus Z87-Plus Motherboard, Mid tower Case, 8 Gigs DDR3, Mid Tower Case, 500 Gb SATA II, (WD Black Drive), BR/DVD/RW , GBit Lan, Logitech Wireless Kb and Mouse,  PreAssembled, Win7 Home, or Win 8.1, your choice Included.


System can be shipped to your location in advance or you may pick up the fully built custom system at the con and avoided the shipping fees. Sales tax at 6% cons in Broward county 7% in Tampa and Orlando. Full Warrantee on system of 1 year from date of delivery or pick up at the com. Pleas allow up to 10 days for delivery. Orders must be paid in full 1 week prior to Convention. (Shipping would be UPS Ground added to the purchase Price of new system, Pick up at The Con is free)

Extras to add to your order:

Operating Systems (OEM Windows Software)

Windows 7 Home Windows 7 Pro Windows 8.1 Home Windows 8.1 pro
$120.00 $150.00 $125.00 $135.00

Acer  23" Widescreen LED Monitor - 1080p, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20000:1 dynamic, 5ms, Integrated Speakers, VGA, DVI, Black
This Acer LED Monitor is a 16:9 format display that renders full HD video and audio performance for a powerful media experience.


Acer Black 22" LCD display 1920 X 1080 2000:1  $149.00


 Super Gaming System 2 (Intel Quad core i5)*

Intel Core I5 4670K Processor & Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP Z87 MB & Patriot Viper3 Series 8GB DDR3 Memory, Asus Black BD/r DVD,  DVD-RW DVD Drive, Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Mid Case w/ 400w Power, XFX HD-667X-ZWF4 Radeon HD 6670 Video Card - 1GB, GDDR5

PreAssembled, Win 7 Home, or Win8.1 installed, your choice.



Starter Gaming System 3 (AMD 6 Core Processor)*

AMD FX-6100 OEM Six Core AM3+ Unlocked CPU, GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2P AMD 760 AM3+ Motherboard, Patriot Viper 4GB DDR3 Memory,  Hydraulic Bearing CPU Cooler, Mid tower case, BD/R, DVD/RW Drive.

 SEADS Assembled w/no No O/S.** and No Video Card


No O/S** and no video card Installed $530.00 (add Radeon HD 6670 and Win 7 Home) $225.00 Additional

More Specials and products here

*1 year warrantee on all items listed above.
**System does not include an operating system

Games available:

  1. Unreal Tournament,

  2. Neverwinter Nights

  3. Neverwinter Nights 2

  4. Icewind Dale I and II

  5. Halo

  6. Star Wars Battle Front,

  7. Battle field 2

  8. The Sims,

  9. Doom 3,

  10. Quake III

  11. V.T.M.

  12. Resident Evil 3

  13. Myst, Riven, and Myst 3

  14. Simcity 4 Delux

  15. The Sims (On Limited systems)

  16. The Sims 2 (We need a good DVD for game play)

  17. Quake II

  18. Quake III

  19. Starcraft

  20. Baldur's Gate (On limited systems)

(Others upon Request)

Added: 2007

  1. Warcraft III Reign of Chaos

  2. Warcraft III Frozen Throne

  3. Command and Conquer The First Decade

  4. Includes: Tiberium, Red Alert and Generals Expansions

  5. Star Wars Best of PC series Including

  6. Empire at War,

  7. Knights of the Old Republic,

  8. Jedi outcast,

  9. Republic Commando

  10. Leisure Suite Larry

    Added for 2010

    1. Bioshock

    2. Crysis

    3. Left 4 Dead

    4. Left for Dead 2

    5. Sims 2 w/Most Explanations

     Added for 2011

    1. Bioshock 2

    2. Assassins Creed

    3. Devil May Cry

    4. Thrillville

    5. The Orange Box

Added 2012

  1. Team Fortres 2

  2. Modern Warfare 3

  3. F.E.A.R. 3

  4. Sims 3

Added in 2013
1. Dead Island 2
2. Dota
3. Star wars battlefront II
4. fallout 3 & fallout New Vegas
5. Borderlands & Borderlands 2
6. Dead Island
7. The Walking dead
8. Resident Evil 5
9. Bioshock Infinit

Added in 2014

1. Assassins Creed 2 & 3
2. Assassins Creed – brotherhood & Revelations
3. Battlefield 3
4. Alone in the Dark
5. The 11th Hour
6. Halo 2
7. Crysis 2
8. Crysis Wars & Crysis Warhead
9. Halo: Spartan Assault
10. Dead Space 1 & 2
11. Grand Theft Auto IV
12. Rage
13. Tomb Raider
14. Saints Row 2

Added for 2015

  1. Fallout 4

  2. Five Nights at Freddy's (all 4 parts)

  3.  Mortal Kombat

  4. Assassin's Creed - Black Flag

  5. Assassin's Creed - Liberation

  6. Assassin's Creed - Freedom Cry

  7. Borderlands 1 and 2

  8. Company of Heroes

  9. Dead Island - Epidemic

  10. Dungeon Siege 1 - 3

  11. The Elder Scrolls 5

  12. Fable - Anniversary

  13. Far Cry 2 & 3

  14. Kings Quest Collection

  15. Quake

  16. Rage

  17. Saints Row 3 - 4 and Gat out of Hell

  18. Shadowrun Returns

  19. The Walking Dead - Season 2

  20. Gauntlet


Others TBA


Xbox 360 4 units - Wii 2 unit - PS2 3 units - Xbox 1 Unit. PS4 Coming soon, consoles.

Xbox One Games:

  1. Fallout 4

  2. Mortal Kombat X

  3. Titanfall

  4. Assassins Creed

  5. Minecraft

  6. Halo Master Chef Collection

  7. Destiny

  8. Star Wars Battle Front

Xbox 360 Games:

  1. Fable III

  2. Sims 3

  3. Duke Nukem Forever

  4. Bioshoch

  5. Halo 3

  6. Halo 3 ODST

  7. FEAR

  8. FEAR 2

  9. Fallout 3

  10. Left 4 Dead

  11. Left 4 Dead 2

  12. Call of Duty 4 - 2012

Wii Games:

  1. Smash Brothers Brawl

  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2

  3. Kirby's Epic yarn

  4. Call of Duty 3

  5. House of the Dead 3 & 4

Play Station 2:

  1. Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

  2. Second Sight

  3. Gauntlet - Dark Legacy

  4. Guitar Hero III

  5. Champions 5

  6. Kill Zone

  7. The Warriors

  8. Final Fantasy X2

  9. Red Faction 2

Old School units:

Nintendo 64             Sega Geneses              Super Nintendo

Zelda TBA Kirby Super star
Star Fox 64 TBA Super Metroid
Paper boy 2 TBA Doom
Alien 3 TBA  
Killer Instinct TBA  
Super Smash Brothers    
Bad Fur Day    

More to be added later

Please Help, SEADS need TV units to offer more Console games
please donate old LCD TVs to SEADS LAN part


Please Email your Game Requests for  LAN Gaming

Updates and Game Demos here

Privet LAN Party with friends


$175.00 advance setup fee.
(includes up to 20 network ports and up to 6 workstations, switches, routers, and cabling.

  •   Above 20 Ports Billed $15.00 per Port. (Wireless $5 additional fee)

  •   Above 30 ports billed at $10.00 per port (Including wireless)

*Weekend and Convention rate may include additional fees.
*Tables and Chairs available at additional costs.

A special Thanks to these guys as there AMV series has been a hit at ever event we have done.

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We Supply, Gigabyte connections, Wireless access, Internet Access Available, Two Gaming Servers or one application/Web Server.  (*Projector and DJ or PA system available upon request)  

*Food Services as well as full service or self service Bars can be contracted for additional fees via SEADS or 3rd party Caterers

For further info on LAN parties Coming Soon

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