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LAN Party

So you want to Join a LAN Party?

The Basics:

Minimum and Recommended Specs:

Updates and Patches

Games of Choice

What you should bring with your Computer

The Check List

Now Lets Find an Event

Need a Gaming Rig?

Let the professionals at SEADS Services build you the ultimate Gaming Rig

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LAN Parties: The Basics

    So there you are, battle hardened LAN warrior, armed with master-forged mouse and stout keyboard, your ATI Raedeon 9700 Pro strapped across your back as you cross the Rubicon of your friend's threshold and into the Local Access Network Arena. You've got your gear. . . but are you really ready? It's not enough to only whet the edge of your own processor, a LAN party is a team game, and everyone needs to pull together to make it run smoothly.

Part 1: The day before

    Firstly, and don't laugh, because I've seen it, make sure the computer you're planning to use at the LAN party is all in one piece and ready to use. LAN parties are for playing games, not building computers. That is, unless you prefer to spend 8 hours mounting the motherboard, setting the jumpers, connecting the drives, installing the OS - then hoping it all works when you're done. Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme, but troubleshooting a network is enough work without having to troubleshoot individual machines during setup. People come to a LAN party to hang out and play some games, not figure out why your CD drive won't run.

    Second, once your machine is all in one piece, patch your OS, and make sure you have current drivers for at least audio and video. It can mean the difference between participating, and not playing at all. I think the number of problems that can be solved with a driver update would surprise and delight you. Most recently, I couldn't even run WarCraft 3 at our last party - black screen. I updated my drivers. . . and got to slaying some undead. Take it from me though, avoid the problem altogether, and update your drivers.

    If you can, talk to the people who will be there and try to come up with a basic list of games you'll probably play. Then, get them installed and patched before you step out of the door. My LAN parties generally take about 2-3 hours to get off the ground (because none of us follow any of these rules - including me), but I have a friend of mine who's parties are 30 minutes - doorstep to frag. He has everyone install games the day before, and it makes a huge difference. Also, it's not a half-bad idea to burn an extra CD or two of games you know people own, or even download a no-CD crack, in case someone forgets a play disk. Careful with the piracy, though, bucko - even Blackbeard was caught, and you're not that good.

Part 2: The day of - or, what do I bring?

    Don't just grab your box; jump into the General Lee and baja your way through Hazard County to Boss Hog's place for the party, be prepared for contingencies.

   Power. Power. Power. Once more? Power. Bring your power strip! All those guys you know have a lot of plugs for those monitors, speakers and external hard drives, so you're going to need a lot of outlets. LAN parties generally turn into huge code violations with one surge protector daisy-chained off of three others, and that's fine (erm. . . right, Officer?). But don't put yourself through the agony of finding a CompUSA or Office Max on a Friday night. If everyone brings the one power strip they use for their own machine, you're more than covered. Better to have too many outlets, than too few.

    Now, if you're smart, and/or wealthy, bring an extra card or two. Murphy's Law applies equally everywhere, and if your sound card is due to go, grenade explosions through your cranked speakers will definitely deliver the finishing blow. When I've got my druthers, I bring sound and network. Sound mostly because I'm once bitten twice shy, they're cheap, and it can be a pain to enable on-board sound after your PCI card dies. For me, though, the money is always in bringing an extra 10/100 network card to LAN parties. Friends of mine who have dialup access never use their network cards outside of LAN parties, and there's always someone who's card has gone bad, and we're off in the General Lee to CompUSA or Office Max. Why bother? Remember, the most essential thing at a LAN party is, well, the LAN. Otherwise you could have stayed home. Getting and keeping people on the network is paramount!

    If you are the proud owner of a 10/100 hub or switch, unless you've been expressly told not to bring it, bring it. Again, the network is paramount - no switch, no network. Need I say more?

Part 3: The party

    The best LAN partier have some cash for pizza, beer, snacks, soda, what have you. Or, hell, they just bring some - what are friends for, after all.

    Yes, I realize I sound like a LAN party Nazi, so what I'm about to say may shock you. Have fun; don't take it too seriously. You're there as much to hang out with your friends and have a few beers as you are to avenge your ignominious defeat at capture the flag at the last party. If your pupils dilate too much, or you're sick of that camping bastard, sit one out, have a smoke, grab a slice of pizza. It's cool man -- "party", not "fistfight", not "shouting match", not "hypnosis practice" - party.

And finally, help clean up, will you? What, you live in a freaking barn?!


Recommended Requirements:

  • Core2Duo 2.3 Ghz or Better
  • AMD X2 64 or better
  • 512 megs of ram (2 Gig Recommended)
  • 10/100 NIC (Gigabit is best)
  • GeForce 5800 or ATI 1950 or Better w/128 megs of ram (Recommended NVidia 9800 or ATI 66870 w/2gigs ram)
  • 20 gigs of free Hard disk space (For Games to be installed)
  • 17" Display (Flat panel's preferred)
  • Mouse, Keyboard, and all power connectors
  • Head Phones (For Personal Sound enjoyment)
  • Power Strip (Surge Suppressor recommended)
  • 25' Cat5e Network Cable
  • Software preinstalled if possible please, see list of games below.

Updates and patches for your system

Before you arrive at the LAN party you should always prepare your system for a nonstop gaming extravaganza...

  1. Scan your system for Viruses / Spy ware / ad ware
    1. Web based antivirus scan
      1. http://www.antivirus.com
    2. Download and install antivirus for your system
      1. http://www.avast.com
  2. Update your Operating system
    1. Windows Updates
      1. http://updates.windows.com
  3. Update your Video Drivers
    1. You should always have the latest and greatest Video driver installed on your system and unfortunately as new games come out video cards are the first to become outdated.
      1. http://ati.amd.com
      2. http://www.nVidia.com
  4. Update your LAN Drivers
    1. This can be a tough one. You will have to contact your original Computer sales company for any updated LAN Drivers (Good Luck)
  5. Update your sound Drivers
    1. Most games have sounds and some of the larger games have surround sound and 5.1 or even 6.1 sound. At a LAN party you usually wont use speakers but investing in a good head set is highly advised. Shop around..
    1. Please save yourself and your host the headache. Try to get the latest updates for all the games you play on playing while at the Party. Many games will not work networked unless all nodes are at the same lever of the game. Use the link below to download updates for our Con Events.
  • Please Visit our LAN download page for updates we recommend for your system prior to the event.

What Games to you want to play?

List of Popular Games:

  • F.E.A.R.

  • Warcraft III

  • Call of Duty

  • Unreal Tournament 2004

  • Unreal.Tournament 3,

  • Neverwinter Nights

  • Neverwinter Nights 2

  • Baldur's gate 1 & 2

  • Ice Wind Dale 1 & 2

  • Pools of Radiance

  • Halo

  • Halo 3

  • Star Wars Battle Front,

  • Battle field 2

  • The Sims,

  • Doom 3,

  • Quake III

  • V.T.M.

  • Starcraft

  • Command and Concur

  • Half Life

  • This in in no way a limited to the only games out there just a List of the ones we offer on our gaming rigs. Most small LAN parties will have Internet access though our Events are in hotels and usually we do not offer online gaming but here is a list of some of the better online games out there:

    Web based Games:

    • World of Warcraft

    • Everquest

    • Call of Duty 3

    • Stormfront

    • Dungeon Siege

    • League of Legends

    There are others but these are the most popular in my book but please feel free to email me your list on online games


    So the event is around the corner or in most cases TODAY. Well here is check list to use when gathering up your equipment to Game.


    SEADS LAN Party guest Check list.

    Be sure to gather up all of your equipment and label it for future retrieval after the event is over.


          Has your Computer been updated?

          Do you have the latest Drivers?

          Do you have the Latest Game Patches?

          Is your system clean of Viruses, Spy ware, Ad ware?


    Packing up the Rig:

            Disconnect all accessories from the Back of your Gaming Rig

            Label your cables at home so when you return with your Rig it will be easy to reconnect accessories and get up and running.

            Pack your Power cord both for the Monitor / Flat Screen and your computer.

            Grab a power Strip and or Serge Suppressor, Pack an Extension cord just incase.

            Grab your Head Phones (Please dont bring speakers, a room full of computer speakers blasting is very distracting)

            Gather up any software you may wish to have with you. A driver, Games, Blanks disks what ever you may wish to have available once you arrive at the event.

            If you have a Flat screen it is recommended to pack it in a box or at minimum wrap the screen with a thick towel for protection during the trip to and from the event.

            Pack up your Computer and your off to the Party

    SEADS LAN Party Waiver (Not Required for Conventions)

    So you think your ready to Frag with the best?

    Lets Find a Party:

    LAN Party Flyer

     Our Company. We host LAN Rooms at SciFi. Anime, and Comics conventions in the State of Florida.
    "Our Company". We host LAN Rooms at SciFi. Anime, and Comics conventions in the State of Florida and around the Country

    .Another site worth checking out as they have a pretty good list of articles and links to many LAN parties as well
    Another site worth checking out as they have a pretty good list of articles and links to many LAN parties as well

    LAN Party List.com

    A Nice line up of Events around the US

    Canadian Based LAN Parties

    LAN Party map

    Woot Events


    SEADS can custom build you a gaming system but orders must be placed before The Event you wish to attend and full payment made in advance. SEADS Specials minimal spare parts available on site but please try to supply your own.

    Purchase your own:

    Super Gaming System 1 (Intel Quad core)*

    INTEL Gamer Core-i7 940 with one GTX280 Antec 900 Gamer Case, 3Gb DDR3-1600 Memory, 500 Gb SATA II Drive, DVD/RW Lite-Scribe, ASUS P6T SLI, GBit Lan, Logitech Wireless Kb and Mouse, Sound Blaster X-Treme Audio, 25-in-One Smart Card Reader, BLUE CATHODES.
    SEADS Assembled w/no No O/S.**


    System can be shipped to your location in advance or you may pick up the fully built custom system at the con and avoided the shipping fees. Sales tax at 6% cons in Broward county 7% in Tampa and Orlando. Full Warrantee on system of 1 year from date of delivery or pick up at the com. Pleas allow up to 10 days for delivery. Orders must be paid in full 1 week prior to Convention. (Shipping would be UPS Ground added to the purchase Price of new system, Pick up at The Con is free)

    Extras to add to your order:

    Operating Systems (OEM Windows Software)

    Vista Ultimate Vista Basic XP Pro XP Home
    $225.00 $125.00 $175.00 $125.00


    Acer Black 22" LCD display 1280 X 1024 600:1  $209

    Image here


     Super Gaming System 2 (AMD Quad core)*

    AMD AM2 Gamer ASUS AM2+ SLI Mobo, Quad 9650 M3N72-D, Dual GeForce 9800GT Video Cards, WD 320Gb, LG DVD-RW Dual Layer, Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, Antec P182 Case w/ 650w Power, G7 Gaming Mouse, 4Gb DDR2 800 Memory

    SEADS Assembled w/no No O/S.**


    Starter Gaming System 3 (Intel Core2Duo)*

    1333 Bus Special Core2Duo E8400 P4 3.0Gb 1333 FSB, 2X3M Cache, Socket 775 ASUS Motherboard, 1Gb Memory DDR2-667, 320Gb, SATA Harddrive, DVDRW Lite-Scribe, Speakers, 10/100 Nic, Sound, PCI-E On-Board, Keyboard, Optical Mouse (Add Video and your OS and your ready to play)

     SEADS Assembled w/no No O/S.**


    More Specials and products here

    *1 year warrantee on all items listed above.
    **System does not include an operating system



    Privet LAN Party with friends


    $175.00 advance setup fee.
    (includes up to 20 network ports and up to 6 workstations, switches, routers, and cabling.

    •   Above 20 Ports Billed $15.00 per Port. (Wireless $5 additional fee)

    •   Above 30 ports billed at $10.00 per port (Including wireless)

    *Weekend and Convention rate may include additional fees.
    *Tables and Chairs available at additional costs.

    We Supply, Gigabyte connections, Wireless access, Internet Access Available, Two Gaming Servers or one application/Web Server.  (*Projector and DJ or PA system available upon request)  

    *Food Services as well as full service or self service Bars can be contracted for additional fees via SEADS or 3rd party Caterers

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