Audrey Myst

Audrey was born in Neverwinter. Neverwinter is a city located in the savage north on the coast about 2 days north of Waterdeep, along the High Road. Lord Nasher runs Neverwinter. Lord Nasher rules the city as a democracy and the citizens seem to be happy and prosperous. It is a friendly city of craftsmen, and gardeners. Neverwinter got its name form the gardeners who are able to keep the flowers blooming through out the months of snow. Neverwinter is also known for their water-clocks. The city features three major temples- Temple of Helm, Temple of Tyr, and Temple of Oghma. Audrey's parents are Lurue Myst and Uthgar Myst. Her mother was a High Priest and her father was a Fighter. Many people say that Audrey looks very much like her mother. She is an attractive young lady with many an adventurer wishing they could court the young lady. Audrey is a tall young lady standing at 6’2 and only weighing 127 pounds. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes, her eyes are very unusual though her eyes color tends to change depending on the mood that Audrey is in and what color clothing she is wearing. She has a unusual walk also she walks in an elegant manner yet those paying attention can see how she shows off her thin yet shapely body. The males she passed by are always seeming to turn there heads In her direction, many will comment on her looks, and will go out of there way to aid this young lady. At times Audrey does take advantage of her attractions as she flirts with many an adventure as well as shopkeeps alike whom she meets in her travels. Depending on if Audrey is comfortable around that person she will flirt just in general conversation if Audrey is uncomfortable though she will immediately back away and go on about her day to day activities. Audrey doesn’t seem to realize that she flirts a lot of the time, although it is very apparent to those close to her. Many times other ladies and even older women will get jealous around Audrey especially when all the gents are paying attention to her and ignoring the others around. Audrey feels that they may get jealous just because of how Audrey represents herself. Audrey doesn’t feel that she is a threat to anyone but unfortunately many of the eligible ladies in Audrey's presence do consider her a threat. Audrey does not wish to abide by the customs of most young ladies, as she does not wish to jump into a courtship and have to give up her freedoms to the ways of the typical domesticated life. Audrey seems to be a very shy and quiet person when she first meets people on her own, unless she is acquainted with the person or is helping them out with some great quest; Audrey is usually very quite. Once she feels relaxed with the people around her then Audrey is very outgoing. Audrey loves to be by herself a lot of the times and go to a place where she can talk with animals and even play with them. She also has the ability handle animals and train them rather easily. Once a person gets to know Audrey, she is a wonderful person to be around. She is very protective of herself and does not like to let others get to close to her since her father left. Audrey is afraid of losing someone close to her once more, and this is why she will back down if she feels she is getting to close to that individual. When Audrey meets with people she is very kind, and treats them with a lot of respect. She is a very good listener once she lets people get close to her. When Audrey was twelve years old her father went on an adventure with a group to fight in a great battle against an evil tyrant. The battle was an especially bloody one as most everyone died against this foe. The tyrant employed a dark mage who created a portal to another land or plain of existence to escape the forces of good in pursuit of his destruction. Uthgar being a strong and fearless fighter pursued his foe in to the portal. Once on the other side Uthgar managed to defeat the evil mage protecting the Tyrant but alas the death of the mage closed the portal and it is not known where the portal lead to. Uthgar was never to be heard from again though the tyrant never returned either. Their victory was a good one as many slaves were freed and many farmers able to continue their crops with out the huge fees and taxes imposed by the tyrant. Stories say that Uthgar is still alive and well, living in another Realm longing to return home but unable to recreate the portal that transported him to his place of existence.

In the city Neverwinter Audrey grew up with her two closest friends. Mide and Misty Night, they are twins. Audrey used to question her mother all the time about when her father is coming back. She never understood what her mother meant about him going in to the teleport until recently. Other than the disappearance of her father Uthgar , Audrey's child hood was very calm and peaceful. Once her father left for the battle things got hard on the family. With the disappearance of her husband, Lurue Myst became very depressed and lonely. Audrey looked up to her mother and grew closer to her mother after her father left. Audrey decided when she was about thirteen years old that she wanted to be a Priest like her mother. Audrey told her mother this desire and it gave Lurue the drive she needed to focus back on the work of the temple. The mother and Daughter team studied very hard and helped out the archbishop in any way they could. This mother and daughter team has trained together for many years . Wit h Audrey's desire to become a high Priest, and the support of her mother and the Church Audrey rose to grace at a very fast pace. Audrey's mother and the Bishop were both role models for her indoctrin in to the Priesthood. They two looked after Audrey and cared for her very much, they gave Audrey the guidance that were needed to gain the respect of the Church of ~~~~. Not wanting to hinder Audrey's progression her mom and the archbishop let Audrey learn things on her own. Audrey seemed to be a natural at her the art of healing as it seemed her god himself was looking down on Audrey's progression as though there were a great calling coming Audrey's direction in her future. The three together were doing all kinds of wonderful things to help the people of need in the great city of Neverwinter. The group would fix dinners, and build homes for people of the less fortunate. Audrey herself being of lower middle class upbringing, grew up so knowing what it is like to struggle and was always there to lend a helping hand. Audrey is now on an adventure with her closer friends Mide and Misty. They are looking for anything that can help them find Audrey's father or at least to understand the events of his disappearance better . While they were in the mist of their travels the three run into Isthon, Aurora, and Chris. Isthon is also looking for his father and he has clues and idea as to where he might be. Ishton believes that his father is dead but he still hopes to find answers to why and how his father disappeared. The group decided to team up on this adventure as the answers to Iston's questions may help Audrey understand better the ways of her surroundings. They are now are traveling together to a far north mountain known as Firestorm Peak. Ishton is also form Neverwinter and has seaked the services of Audrey's temple on several occasions. Lord Nasher has sent to more to go along with the band of adventures to help answer more questions that even the ruling populous of Neverwinter are concerned with. Defender and Dexter a Paladin and a Rouge with magical abilities are both tagging along and guiding the younger adventures on this great quest of knowledge and answers. Audrey is very into her religion and every morning she wakes up and prays to her god before doing anything. Audrey is keeping a journal about all the adventures that go on as well as her own dreams and her hopes and goals that she keeps a record of. Audrey is the type of person with a great deal of focus and dislikes being disturbed by anyone during her daily duties unless it is a dire emergency. According to the writings of her religion Audrey may only kill in a battle and only if it is for the better of her church or to save her life or the lives of others around her. In her party she is a healer along with Aurora her and Aurora became good friend as they have a lot of the same interests. Audrey’s dreams are to find out if here father is alive or dead and what really happened to him. After that she would like to possibly find a nice city to settle down in and raise a family of her own one day. Audrey also hopes to become a High Priest one day and appears to have a great advantage as her desire is so powerful it seems nothing can stop her from following her heart. By adventuring now while she is young Audrey can try to find out what information she can about her father while on a side mission that might possibly lead her to that special man of her dreams. With traveling Audrey can also see the areas of the realm, in hopes of finding that land Audrey can call home. One day Audrey would like to start a family of her own if she can manage to find the right person, who will support her in her dreams and Desires of being a High Priest. Hopefully someone who can understand Audrey and love her for whom she is and not just because every one else wishes they could court Audrey.