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This is the character sheets for DMs to review.

The initial design document for the core component of the project's software. Now obsolete, but useful for historical purposes.

character:     Dexter
Date created:   November 26, 1999
Race/Class: 	Half Elf / Thief/Mage
Source:  	Core Rules Dexter (28.5k)
Campaign:     	Fire Storm Peak.
character:      Destr 0yer
Date created:       October 23, 1999
Race/Class:   Human / Ranger
Source:            Core Rules Destr 0yer (28.5k)
Campaign:       Grey Hawk.
character:     	Deffender.
Date created:   11/98
Race/Class: 	Human / Paladin
Source:  	Core Rules Deffender. (38.7k)
Campaign:     	Castle Spellzeer.
character:     	Drizzt_Do'Urde.
Date created:   4/00
Race/Class: 	Human / Ranger
Source:  	Core Rules Drizzt_Do'Urde (19k)
Campaign:     	Savage North.
character:     	Von_Tran_Dela-Ruce.
Date created:   4/00
Race/Class: 	Half Elf / Cleric/Mage
Source:  	Core Rules Von_Tran_Dela-Ruce. (22k)
Campaign:     	Savage North.
character:     	Liollaelliosiathinil.
Date created:   5/00
Race/Class: 	Elf / Ranger
Source:  	Core Rules Liollaelliosiathinil.. (27k)
Campaign:     	Savage North.
character:     	Corbin Knights Bain
Date created:   7/00
Race/Class: 	Kender / Thief
Source:  	Core Rules Corbin Knights bane. (48k)
Campaign:     	Castle Spelzzer.
character:     	Gug Strong forge.
Date created:   11/99
Race/Class: 	Dwarf / Fighter
Source:  	Core Rules Gug Strong forge (13k)
Campaign:     	Grey Hawke.
character:     	Kasmae Silverthrone.
Date created:   10/00
Race/Class: 	Elf / Rouge
Source:  	Core Rules Kasmae Silverthrone. (17k)
Campaign:     	Castle Spelzeer.
character:     	Kevin.
Date created:   10/00
Race/Class: 	Human / Ranger
Source:  	Core Rules Kevin (26k)
Campaign:     	Dragon Cult.
character:     	Mistinite.
Date created:   4/99
Race/Class: 	Half Elf / Ranger
Source:  	Core Rules Mistinite (15k)
Campaign:     	Dragon Cult.

New character looking for a campaign:

Below are new character's and character's not in use looking for a new campaign to adventure in. If you have a campaign running and wish to add these adventures to it please contact the webmaster.

character:     	Galabon.
Date created:   4/00
Race/Class: 	Human / Mage
Source:  	Core Rules Galabon (30k)
Last Campaign:  Castle Spelzzer. (Ravonloft)
Character name: Audrey Mist Her Story Audrey
Date created:   Novenber,26,1999
Last adventure: (Damion's Wedding)
Race/Class: 	Human / Cleric
Source:    	Core Rules   
Stats:		Audrey Mist Stats
Last Campaign:  Grey Hawke
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Our Travels through Fire Storm Peak: From the Journals of Dexter





Forgotten Realms Calendar:

   By:      Ralf Wall
    Date:    December 13, 1999
    Distribution: via Web
    Formats:   JPG   realmscalendar.jpg (1.72m) 
    Bookmark:     Forgotten

Character Sheets:

By:      Captain Howdy
Date:    December 13, 1999
Distribution: via Web
Formats:   JPG   Character sheet 1 (566k) Character sheet 2 (193k)
Bookmark:     RPG Character Sheet.
About: This is a scan of an official Character sheet from TSR.
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File compression and decompression utilities for creating archives under Windows.

By:           PKWare
Date:         March 17, 1997
Distribution: External, Shareware
Formats:      pkzip (1m)
Bookmark:     PKZIP
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Historical Documents of The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, and Grey Hawke

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The Savage North: Find a brief over view of the northern lands of Pheron' the world known as The Forgotten Realms.

Never Winter: a brief overview of the town of Never Winter

constrct.gif (557 bytes)Waterdeep: An over view of the town of Waterdeep

Dragonlance pages: This is an over view of the world of Ansolon

Forgotten Realms pages: This is an overview the lands of Pheron'

constrct.gif (557 bytes)Gray Hawke pages: Under construction.....


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