The Trials of the    

          Sword Coast



On the first day of Chest, the year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR,


                                    I Lord Piergeiron Paladinson hear by order you in the name of the Lords of Waterdeep to act on our behalf to rid the city of the Zhentarim plague.  For this you have the full powers of an acting city Watch and may use this power to aid in investigation and elimination of the Zhentarim threat, wherever it may lay within the city proper.  This power is not to be abused and is subject to removal if evidence of such misuse should be confronted by actual city officials.   This proclamation is repayment for misdeeds done prior, Crimes of the Third Plaint, Murder of a Calashite National.  Any and all who may aid the below mentioned names also must sign and obey this contract or suffer penalties and possible imprisonment, to be determined by the Magistrates.  All treasures found related to this mission may be kept by right of conquest. So

Say the Lords of Waterdeep.



Signature, (click to sign in)





















































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1373 DR, The Year of Rogue Dragons, Chess 11th  The Claw of Sunsets, Spring      Selune is in first quarter    Cold with light snow      

(Week 8 Date, Moon Phase and Weather)























































                                                     IN CHARACTER


Synopsis of what has happened to date:


The former King Azoun’s dead carcass arrived in Waterdeep badly mutilated.  A procession of ghostly Purple Knights hand delivered the body to Lord Piegeiron Paladinson during a speech where he was publicly donating charity gold to Cormyr.  Shortly thereafter, the party accidentally hand delivered black lotus poison to a sick murderer who sacrificed a noblemen’s daughter.  The woman’s body reeked of the darkest of magic and was on display on the mast of the ship her family owns.  Lord Wavesilver saw use in the party and spared them from being prosecuted for this crime.  Wavesilver believed the real culprits where Zhentarim agents dressed as Iron Throne merchants trying to scare the Nobles into selling the merchant fleet cheap to these so called merchants.  He suspected they where hiding out in an abandoned boarding house.  While investigating this lead the party came into contact with a group of halfings known as the ‘Sky Hoppers’ who stole and ran from them.  Another incident happened when a former party member got into a scuff with the thief, ending in his death.   This murder did not go un-noticed by the city Watch.  The party was held accountable for murder of a Calimshite national.  They were latter acquitted thanks much to Lord Wavesilver’s help.  A condition was they must act on behalf of the city to stop the Zhents.  No longer was this just an optional thing.  Coming to claim his dead brother’s body was the Calimshite Kel.  Kel tailed the party, having despised his brother, he cared little of the circumstances.  The party finally infiltrated the abandoned house, finding out that the Zhents have moved further underground into the sewers behind some portal.  The Zhents seemed to be led here by some commander named ‘Napon’.  During the search of the house, Johan was slain.  He was latter brought back to life.   The party spent much time gathering clues.  During this time they met up with a elven rogue who seem to be following the Monk.  While doing so, the former Monk of the party had some shady business to attend too.  He suckered the party into slaying the ‘Sky Hopper’ Halfling gang and a botched attempt to break into a Noble Wizardres’s estate.  The failure of the latter caused the party to split up and the death of the Monk.  Kel came across an old drow who was part of a party that delved into the sewers long ago.  He had some insight as to what these portals are about but did not understand what the party was searching for.  The party delved into the sewers coming across a series of strange riddles, most of them deadly if not answered right.  They scoured the sewers for some time, coming across many dangers.  One of which was a disgusting worshipper of Talona that demanded tribute for passage, but the party slain the foul creature.  A ghostly like panther kept shadowing the party in the sewers and this panther supposedly had attacked a plumber which the party found nearly dead.  For rescuing this plumber the party was rewarded with a magical sword, called ‘Beholder Bane’.  The party finally solved the riddles, stumbling across a secret passage that had all the necessary clue items to surpass the traps.  The clues themselves where guarded by a series of pits.  The party pieced the clues together and opened the portal.  It took them into the heart of Undermountain.  Where they encountered Halastar.  The mad mage muttered something about them not being worthy of going after the Zhents and banished them to Limbo to test their abilities.  The party traveled to an odd volcanoe in the mad plane, nearly loosing their lives to a Slaadi and teleporting back to whence they started.  The party explored the vast dungeon, coming across goblins and other pests.  A wrong turn teleported them deeper into Undermountain.  An odd cave filled with a forest!  They where inside a tree house, which had eight ogres inside surrounding the party in a circle.  Most everyone nearly died if it weren’t for Johan teleporting in at the last minute.  However Kel died when his head was caved in by a large club.  If that weren’t enough the owner of the home decided to come back and turned out to be a Wizard.  This Wizard was about to attack the party when they discovered the door out of the tree house actually is a telelporter.  They all wound back where they started in Undermountain, now having come across Torkin, Draegar and Arzmil who themselves where fleeing Umber Hulks.   Halastar once again appeared, warned the party that they must not stray afar again and he gave Johan a staff of life to resurrect Kel.  Johan reluctantly did.  The party ventured deeper into the goblin lair slaying their king after it almost killed Jubei.  Then just as they where resting from that battle a mad flesh golem named ‘Shocking Doom’ came charing after the party.  An odd invisible sphere that cackled and laughed at the party, radiated electric and circled the golem.  Kel tried to attack the golem with his wand, but it was immune.  The party was caught at a dead end, but thanks to quick work of Jubei and Cloak they picked the lock to the door at the halls end and fled…..



Story related trinkets found so far:







To any newly arrived seekers, provisions have been hidden away in this boarded up boarding  house.  Do not disturb any beggars in the front as they keep the illusion of a derelict house.  The records for this house have been safely hidden, so no need to worry about the City knocking on the door.  As always keep a low profile.  The hidden provisions are marked by a ‘z’.  Also check the sewers for further supplies as marked on the map.   Due to the nature of our business we are elsewhere under the city.  Piece together the objects to find us at the portal.   Any new arrivals should conduct business as ordered from home.  We have a small number of servants guarding the boarding house from anyone foolish enough to go against us.  They are to guard this place only, do not attempt to take them.   We have been forced into deeper hiding do to a compromise of our mission, don’t act unless it is completely different from our previous attempts, otherwise report to the portal.


                                                              Commander Naypon




Unless you are of commanding rank, you are not allowed in these quarters, otherwise feel free to make use of this room and the armor if needed.


                                                             Commander Naypon







































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                  Biography of the whole Party                  



                                KIA                LUKE       CLOAK


                            TORKIN  DRAEGAR   JUBEI


                             ARZMIL      KEL        JOHAN 































Player: June

Class/Level: Fighter 3

Born: 1348 DR (Survived Time of Troubles)










Magical Gear –


28 1st tier Arrows, poisoned with weak centipede toxin 



Deeds Good and Bad:


1. Botched attempt at aiding a break in of the Noble Woman Melshimber

    Accused and absolved of crime provided she officially aid her fellow party members in there

    Current quest.

2.  Attempted to rescue Jubei from the clutches of Cragspill


Alignment: True Neutral (Border line Neutral Good)


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  Strong unforgiving Illuskan.  She carries a great sword and a meaner attitude to those who get in her way.  She mostly keeps to herself, priding in her physical prowess. She cannot pass up a god challenge if presented to her.




Father Ghanlivar

Mother Terella

3 older brothers and one older sister

Large extended family both in Icewind Dale and Luskan




1.  The Plumber’s Guild of Waterdeep

2.  The Red Gauntlet Inn




1.  Your vengeful Uncle (more of a feud than actual enemy)

2.  The Zhentarim




Kia grew up in the frigid northern town of  Icewind Dale.  She was born into

A family of Trappers and Fishermen.  She learned and heard of stories of far off lands from a early age.

She even picked up a few words of Alzehdo, the native tongue of Calishite merchant she occasionally visited

With her family.  The rest of her early schooling was done by her father Ghanlivar.  

Latter in life she helped with the hunting expeditions with her family in the wilds of the frozen artic.  One expedition led all  the way to Luskan, not to hunt but to trade.  This was Kia’s first chance to see a world beyond the bitter frozen north.  From prior training in the frozen lands, she learned the skills of a warrior and has a remarkable strength.  With reluctance she left to the great city of Waterdeep to start her life as an adventurer, much to her uncle’s dismay who feels she should be with her mother in Luskan to take care of her in her old age. Despite these torn feelings her desire and stubbornness drove her to the City of Splendors.











































Player: Anton

Class/Level: Monk 3

Born: 1350 DR











Magical Gear –


Drow Cloak (Piwafwi), ten times easier to hide 

Drow Boots, ten times easier to sneak


Deeds Good and Bad:


1. Failed miserably twice to protect Kel

2. Impulsive and rash

3.  Did try to save face by hauling  Kel and his belongings so he might be revived from the dead

4.  Acted honorably to help his friends as needed



Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Border line Neutral Good)


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  A living weapon.  This young Tethyrian Monk still has much to learn, but has proven to be both kind hearted and honorable.  He often tries to bite off more than he can chew, but is fearless and is a man of his word, even if he fails to live up to it, he still stands by his actions.




Father (Briiathor Alougarr)

Six other living relatives (Cousins, uncles and aunts)




1.  Some of the Waterdeep Watch and some laborers in Amphail

2.  The Plumber’s Guild of Waterdeep

3.  The Red Gauntlet Inn




1.  Some of your father’s more deranged criminal captures in Waterdeep Castle serving hard time

2.  The Zhentarim





Jubei was adopted as a baby by the Lord of Amphail, a small town under the City of Waterdeep’s territory.  His father Briiathor Alougarr, is quite wealthy and a close friend of Piergeiron Paladinson.   He was trained his whole childhood in the ways of a squire under his father’s wing.  He learned much of Tyr (His father a devout follower).  Jubei’s father wanted his boy to become a Paladin or Priest of Tyr and for a while it would seem this would be Jubei’s path.  This all changed when a Monk of Tyr visted their home when he was still a young teenager.  The Monk spoke much of his life to the inspired Jubei.  The Monk left behind a book for Jubei to read, one explaining the secrets and daily sacrifices of a Monk of Tyr.  Jubei eagerly studied and practiced, mostly self taught and inspired by his god.  What finally inspired Jubei to lead an adventuring life was a chance encounter with merchants from the far east in Waterdeep market.  They spoke of their own Monks and ways of life that fascinated Jubei.  He informed his father he was ready to move on and can only benefit from the wisdom gained through travel.  With his Father’s consent he headed to Waterdeep to find fame and adventure.












































Player: Dave Trombly

Class/Level:  Rogue 2

Born: 1263 DR (Survived Time of Troubles)











Magical Gear –


Dagger, Tier one


Two Potions of cure light wounds of fifth tier of magic


Potion of sneaking


Deeds Good and Bad:


1. Stayed loyal to Thieve’s guild

2. Has helped only if it suits her needs or she feels like it is worth while to do



Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  A lithe wiry Wood Elf woman who always gets her way.  She like to twiddle her daggers when bored and knows how to fight dirty.  She is ruthless and self centered and ultimately loyal to none.   Beware of this one.





Both parents alive

Three living Grandparents

Large extended family


(all of which see you as a threat)




1.  Xanathar’s Thieves Guild

2.  The Plumber’s Guild of Waterdeep

3.  The Red Gauntlet Inn




1.  Waterdeep Watch and Magistrates

2.  The Zhentarim

3.  Your family

4.  City of Everseka

5.  Elves from Everseka who know your crime




Cloak wishes little to remember her terrifying childhood in Everseka.  Most Elves assume this to be a safe haven, but Cloak knows a deep secret in this so called safe haven.  Her family is part of the Arcane order of Wizards who work closely to the city council.  They however secretely worship Lloth and have used their leverage in the city to hide their dark worship.  When Cloak learned of her families worship and rejected it, her family planned a horrible revenge causing her to be banished from the city, never to return.  All her life while in Everseka, Cloak rejected her arcane teachings in favor of the trade of a rogue, much to her family’s disappointment.  All of it was self taught and well practiced with her secretive behavior (and for good reason with a family she despised).  Cloak set out to Waterdeep to live a new life and put her unique skills to work.














































Player: Jorge Cadavid

Class/Level:  Priest 2 (cr 3) of Lathandar

Born: 1345 DR (Survived Time of Troubles)
















Magical Gear –


Staff of Life, an ominous gift from Halastar, no magic energy left in it now


Unknown black ebony wand with Goblin writing of ‘Magulbite Protects’ written in Goblin on it


Unknown magic shortbow with corbra fanged mouth and skin for handles


35 1st tier Arrows, poisoned with weak centipede toxin 



Deeds Good and Bad:


1.  Constantly helps the party survive with his magic


2.  Has put himself in harms way numerous times to protect his fellow party members


3.  Unselfishly gave up the last charge of his staff to bring the less than deserving Sorcerer


4.  Generously rewards those who feels deserve such rewards


5.  Has a bit of a short temper and on a few occasions this stubborn temper has gotten the better of him


6.  Speaks the truth even if it condemns him


7.   Constantly preaches and tells stories to the young whenever he finds him, for Lathandar smiles on such things



Alignment: Neutral Good  (Border line Lawful Good)


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  An imposing man of unknown origins.  His skin is golden as are his eyes.  A sense of calm and well being permeate this dedicated worshipper of Lathandar.  He is the pillar of the party and it’s acting leader.  He takes no nonsense and returns kindness with like.




Johan’s parents are mystery to him, for he never met them

Great Grandmother (who shares his unique abilities)

Several distant cousins, aunts and uncles





1.  The High Priestess in the Temple of Lathandar in Waterdeep, Ssaeryl Shadowstar

2.  The Plumber’s Guild of Waterdeep

3.  The Red Gauntlet Inn

4.  Johan’s mentor, Priestess Coridella of Silverymoon




1.  The Zhentarim

2.  Undead and Worshippers of Evil Gods





Johan was born into minor Nobility in the city of Silverymoon.  The family are all devout followers of Lathandar and many are priests in their own right.   Johan is considered blessed by his family, for like his Great Grandmother, he has the blood of Lathandar’s Angels in his veins.  To this day his Great Grandmother still runs the family, with unrivaled wisdom.  Johan was taught the way of Lathandar from as soon as he could walk and speak.  Soon you were helping out in the Temple of Lathandar, helping with ceremonies and learning simple trades.  Johan’s parents seem only to be known by his Great Grandmother who tells him simply the time is not right for him to hear.  Soon Johan grew to be a young man and well to do within the Temple of Lathandar.  He even was in the war against the Orc King Obould when he was driven from his strong hold.  Shortly there after an arranged marriage by his family to a young girl Dadora was to take place.  This girl being from another Noble family.  However Johan refused and could not in his heart love this woman, for he only feels so many things he has yet to do.  This angered the patron of that Noble family.  The father’s name is Nirun.  This has caused a strain in the family but Johan’s Great Grandmother respects his decision.  Rather than cause more strife, Johan felt it was his time to adventure out into the world and bring Lathandar’s word to those who need it most.



















































Player:  James Eischen (JJ)

Class/Level:  Ranger 1  Psionicist 2

Born: 1361 DR











Magical Gear –



2nd tiered Breast Plate Armor


29 1st tier Arrows, poisoned with weak centipede toxin 


Deeds Good and Bad:


1.  Cares little for anyone but himself


2.  Must be goaded into helping the party at times, he is extremely lazy


3.   When he does help he has been extremely very reckless at times


4.  When the mood strikes him or he thinks it will benefit him, he has stuck his neck at a few times to help out the party



Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  A dull-witted quiet half-elf (Tetheryian Moon Elf Mix) is what most people first perceive this man.  His appearance and mannerisms are very deceiving.  He often lulls others into thinking he is incompetent, but he is far from it.  He is equally adept with a blade as he is with his own body.  He is quick to react and can kill at a moments notice if need be.  




Mother and Father (adopted)

Several cousins, aunts and uncles

3 older brother and one younger brother




1.  Nindepor, CG Human (Illuskan) Ranger 6th level (Mentor) of Nesme

2.  The Plumber’s Guild of Waterdeep

3.  The Red Gauntlet Inn

4.  Halumarabi of Calimshan (Halfing Psionicist and friend of Kel’s family)




1.  The Zhentarim

2.  Yaniz of Luskan




Born in the war torn town of Nesme and orphaned at an early age due to the constant raids on the town, young Luke has seen much violence growing up.  He was adopted by friends of his parents and raised in poor squalor.  Allot of his adopted family are actually members of the Riders of Nesme.  Luke had little time for any schooling, instead being trained by the ranger Nindepor in the ways of a woodsmen.  Luke fought many hard chaotic battles that plagued the town, as soon as he could effectively hold a sword.  This constant strife and living in constant terror of attack accounts for his withdrawn attitude.  Relief finally came to Nesme when a group of noble adventurers championed Nemse’s plight, forginf an alliance with Silverymoon, an odd cadre of Eastern Monks and the Sky Pony Barbarian tribe.  These adventurers formed the town of Solaris, one mile away from Nesme.  A few pivotal battles with the Frost Giants and Orcs proved their defenses to be too overwhelming having thwarted their designs on taking over the Silver Marches threw Nesme’s destruction.  The city brought many strangers to Nesme, both good and bad.  One such stranger found himself passed out drunk in-front of Luke’s home.  He was dressed in all manner of fancy clothing and looked to be a wizard of sorts.  Luke dragged his drunken carcass and unceremoniously tossed him into a mud puddle at the town gates.  Little did Luke know this drunk remembers things when he drinks.  Since then, the few times Luke seen him around town he had threatened the Ranger with revenge.  Luke dared not provoke him for he heard this Illuskan is from Luskan and of formidable power.  Luke, having seen Nesme finally stabilized with normalized trade and a future beyond certain death, Luke decided to head out and explore the vast unknown of the Sword Coast, his travels eventually leading him to Waterdeep.























































Player:  James Eischen

Class/Level:  Sorcerer 3

Born: 1345 DR



AC:18 (29 with magic up)








Magical Gear –


Wand of Magic Missiles 20 charges, 1st tiered magic


Wand of Magic Missiles 19 charges, 9th tiered magic


Ring of Protection, 1st tiered


Unknown purple robe of resistance, 1st tiered?


Scroll of Ray of Enfeeblement , 9th tiered caster


Scroll of Monster Summoning 1, 1st tiered caster


Scroll of Change Self, 1st tiered caster



Deeds Good and Bad:


1.  Cowardice in many situations

2.  Constantly trying to screw everyone over, especially his so called ‘friends’.

3.  Conniver and two faced

4.  Ungrateful toward Johan

5.  Is in this for himself


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral  (Borderline Neutral Evil!)


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  A typical scheming Calimshite merchant, if he actually were a merchant.  Kel is constantly up to something or has some other trick up his sleeve.  He is quick with words and quick with a dagger at your back should diplomacy fail.




Both parents alive

Has two younger living sibblings in Calimshan (two brothers)

Three grandparents alive (both on fathers, grandmother on mother's side)

A large extended family of Gur/Calimshite mix (Desert Gypsies)




1.  The Plumber’s Guild of Waterdeep

2.  The Red Gauntlet Inn

3.  Halumarabi of Calimshan (Halfing Psionicist and friend of Kel’s family)




1.  The Zhentarim

2.  Several ‘ripped off’ clients of his family back in Calimshan




Kel grew up in Calimshan, in family of thieves.  Kel like many other members of his family showed an aptitude toward magic, but in Kel’s case not for the typical Seer ability, no his was innate and varied, that off a Sorcerer.  His family suspects his magical ability to be traces of Genie blood, not to uncommon in Calimshan.  He was trained by his Mother to use these gifts to get by in life.  Kel helped his family in odd jobs and scams they pulled, using his unique talent.  Kel excelled at a life of crime and knows every dirty trick in the book, even though he is not actually a trained rogue.  This is the life for much of the poor of Calimshan who wish to improve their lot without honest ‘slave labor’ work.  Kel would still be in Calimshan if it where not for his family’s insistence that he travel to Waterdeep to see his disgraceful brothers body be returned for burial.













































Player: Jeff

Class/Level: Barbarian 2

Born: 1258 DR (Survived Time of Troubles)











Magical Gear –


None, so far


Deeds Good and Bad:


1.  Fearless in your face attitude


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  Unkempt crazy dwarf with unruly body hair.   He speaks very little common but lets his axe and hammer do most of his speaking.  He may reek and not be much of a conversationalist, but he can pack a mean swing.  When he is not fighting, he is drinking.  When he is not drinking he is recovering form drinking.




Unknown, Torkin has never spoken much of his Dwarven background








1.  Orcs & Goblinoids




Torkin grew up in the wilds of Silver Marches, having been abandoned as a young boy.   He learned to survive much like an animal.  He learns the ways of the wild well.  What little contact he has had with his own people are the Dwarves of Mithril Hall.  There he found some direction in his life and learned to speak Dwarven. 

He spent many years in and around the Hall, acting as a scout for them or extra warrior in times of attack.

Torkin heard stories of many lost Dwarven holds to the south and decided maybe he could reclaim them for his people and gain great honor.  He heard of Waterdeep and figured he might run into other adventurers who may help him.  While traveling through Waterdeep he met up with a group of adventurers who said they where going into Undermountain to seek riches.  Torkin heard stories from his people of this place, it once was a Dwarven hold long ago.  The chance to bash in some orc heads, get gold to make his axe bigger, buy more drink and perhaps reclaim a relic or two of his people was irresitable.  However shortly into the infamous dungeon his hapless party was ambushed by twelve marauding Umber Hulks.  Torkin being no fool fled with the rest of the party, however only he and two others survived from the group of eight strong.  Now he has found another group of adventurers, perhaps things will be different.














































                               DRAEGAR PALUX




Player: Samuel (Simon) Figuroci

Class/Level: Fighter 2

Born: 1356 DR











Magical Gear –


None, so far


Deeds Good and Bad:


Nothing unusual, so far


Alignment: Neutral Good


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  A very capable warrior of many talents.  He is highly skilled fighter used to performing in battles. 

He is built for fighting and has many old scars from opponents who where not so lucky against him. 

He has largely given up his former mercenary life, for it conflicted with his own beliefs.




None, he was sold into slavery, now free








None, so far




This Chondathan, Draegar, has only recently known freedom.  He was sold into slavery by his poor mother, being

an illegitimate and unwanted child. He traveled across the Sea of Fallen Stars from his homeland of Chessenta. 

There at the pirate isles he was sold to Zhent slavers.  He was taken away to Zhentil Keep. 

He was given special treatment for his masters could see his fighting potential.  He was raised and taught to fight. 

Once he was old enough to effectively swing a blade he was pitted in many gladiatorial fights.  Up until his late teens

he did this and did it well.  He earned enough coin to buy his freedom and started his free life with a brutal mercenary gang. 

He kept feeling his life was at a standstill and things seemed little better than being a slave. 

He found these mercenaries took many unsavory jobs and when they where acting as outright bandits he left the group. 

He was not too far from Waterdeep and decided to head there to start a new life, perhaps as an adventurer or city watch. 

He met up in the infamous Yawning Portal Inn with a group of adventurers who where heading into Undermountain. 

Finally the chance to really test his skills and even bring good to Faerun. 

His luck ran out when his party was ambushed by a dozen Umber Hulks and had no choice to flee. 

He and two others where the only survivors. 

Tymora worked in strange ways when the three stumbled across another group of adventurers, this group was going after

Zhents, time for payback!











































                               ARZMIL XILOSCIENT




Player: Alex

Class/Level: Sorcerer 2

Born: 1238 DR



AC:12 (16 with spells)








Magical Gear –


Eight Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Blessed Correllethan healing water, 5th tiered magic


Two Potion of Spider Climb, 7th tiered magic


Potion of Jump, 6th tiered magic


Scroll of Summon Monster 1, 8th tiered magic


Scroll of Invisibility, 5th tiered magic


Scroll of Change Self, 6th tiered magic


Wand of Melf’s Acid Arrows. 12th tiered


Deeds Good and Bad:


None of note, so far


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Current alignment balance:


Good -good/neutral- True Neutral –Neutral/evil- Evil


Lawful –neutral/lawful- True Neutral –Chaotic/Neutal- Chaos


Description:  A lithe moon elf with pale blue skin and nearly white silver hair.  His body almost looks as if it where sculpted from an artist.  He carries all manner of gear and equipment on him, ever prepared for what life may throw at him.




Two Parents

One older sister and two older brothers

Four Grandparents

Two Great Grandparents

One Great Great Grandparent

Large extended family




1.  A few acquaintances back in Cormanthor.




1. Drow




Arzmil and his family are some of the few elves who decided not to retreat to Evermeet.  They remained in a nomadic encampment, keeping watch on the woods of Cormanthor.  Arzmil is believed to have distant silver dragon blood in his veins, but has never been proven.  For many years he has helped defend the woods, despite the overwhelming intrusions of Drow and encroaching humanity.  Arzmil yearned to see more than just his beloved woods.  He had heard much tales from the Sword Coast, and a vast city known as Waterdeep.  He informed his family of his journey and with their blessing left and wandered the dangerous countryside all the way to Waterdeep.  Along the way he kept to himself and stayed out of trouble, for he did not want to meet an untimely end before his goal was reached.  He finally arrived with little trouble along the way in Waterdeep.  He quickly found what he was looking for, group of adventurers were heading into Undermountain, a dungeon laden with ancient magic and artifacts of long ago times.  He joined up but the journey was destined for quick disaster.  An onslaught of Umber Hulks killed most of his party, forcing him and two others to flee for many days within the dungeon.  Finally a ray of hope, another adventuring band.  Perhaps these strangers will be more wise not to take on twelve Umber Hulks.










































                                                       What the NPC’s are thinking


Week 8 –


                 “Those naďve adventurers know little and yet do so much.  Hmm… When the time comes

                    I will let them fall and move on to more pressing matters.   I doubt they will survive anyway,

                    But they have been a useful diversion, I must admit.”


                 “This plan is foolish.  Hiding so far from view and away from help is not wise.  I question

                     this idea and I question our fool leader.  I will not stand for this much longer.”


                  “I am not certain these adventurers know the magnitude of events coming to be.  I can only

                    hope they will ride the coming storm.  So uncertain….”


                  “I wonder if sending those brave souls on such a perilous mission is in their grasp.  So many

                     loose ends with that bunch.  If need be I will have to deal with matters more directly.  Time will

                     tell.  May Tyr guide their path.”


                   “Contact has been lost.  This is unusual.  I will have to send reinforcements, if I receive

                      word such a thing would be prudent.”


                   “Interesting lot those adventurers are.  Quickly solved my old master’s testing enigma. 

                     Yet they cannot complete the most simple of tasks.  I will make certain a close eye is watching them,

                       but what has ever happened to that eye?  Oh well, I doubt I will be seeing them again. 

                        Undermountain?  Ha!  They won’t last a fort night!” 


From the Gods -


                     “This town. A rift of time has taken shape with events that will forever change

                       Faerun.  Innocence will be lost.  Horrors far beyond mortal comprehension.  Things

                       Not even we can control.  I feel as if control has been lost.  Maybe it is not too late.

                        Secrets must be kept from them at all costs. My immortal mind can see these

                        things yet this forsaken city causes so much uncertainty. …..Lord Ao…yes….

                        What is it master?”


From the Far Future -


                         A glass bowl with a illusionary picture of a human dressed in odd clothing

                         Speaking to a gathering of similarly dressed humans and demi-humans

                         “My fellow Mazticans, as of noon today we have launched a first strike against

                          the Solaris threat.  We are certain they will not be able to retaliate in time.

                          Our intelligence states they do not have Nuclear capability….

                          What?!  We got to….”  Followed by hissing silence as fuzzy snow covers

                           The glass bowl.






































                                                                Rules & Info


Start time: 12-1:30 PM


End Time:  5:30-6:00 PM


Days:  Every Saturday


Phone:  Tom Cook DM (305) 4675440 (Best time to reach me is after 10:00pm, no latter than 2:00am

                                                               M-F, and from 10:00am-11:00am MF.  On Saturday from

                                                              10:00am-11:30am.  Sunday, all day until 2:00am.

                                                               If you get my voicemail leave a detailed message.)


            James Eischen (954) 6897573  (Early morning or after 6 in the evening M-F)


Where?:  The Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute, 4th floor

                1799 SE 17th ST, right before bridge, east of US1.  Left hand side of road.


Who runs it?:  Tom Cook, dungeon master for 17 years


What game?:  Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition


Rules of the Game:


1.     The setting is in the Forgotten Realms, on the Sword Coast.


2.     Starting characters must be one level behind the lowest level party member current in the game.


3.     All races from the Forgotten Realms 3rd Edition book are allowed, except any with a starting ECL. Be sure to choose regional starting equipment based on your homeland. 


4.     Starting gold is based on your level.  You may purchase magic items, provided you

Can afford them.  Click here for a list of magical items for sale and your starting gold

Based on level.


5.     Abilities are generated with the 32 point system, click here for the chart.


6.     For the first two levels you get maximum hit points, levels there after

It is 75% of the maximum.


7.     A critical hit in which you roll d20 3 times and get a result of 20, results

In an instant death for most opponents.


8.     If you roll a 1 on a d20, roll again.  Two successive rolls on a d20 of 1 result in a critical failure.

This failure is a made up on my call depending on the situation.


9.     I allow Psionics.  You must own the Psionic’s Handbook and be well versed

In the rules before you may play one.  Starting gold may be used to purchase

Any psionic item no greater than minor power.


10.  I expect this to be a smooth and cooperative game.  I do not want to see the following:


Rules Lawyers, Excessive Power Gaming, Cheating, Interruptions, Rule Bending,

Constant Arguing and any other form of undesirable, cheesy, behavior you yourself would not like to see.


11.  Special note on Polymorph Spell (both Self and Other).  You may cast it to actually

Become a monster with full abilities, ask Tom Cook the DM for details.


12.  If I do not get a character background or one convincing enough, I will generate one for you.


13.  I allow the following books to be used by players for character creation:


3rd ED PHB

3rd ED Faiths and Pantheons of Faerun

3rd ED Arms and Equipment Guide

3rd ED Magic of Faerun

3rd ED All of the Class Books (ie, Sword & Fist, Tome & Blood, etc)

3rd ED Oriental Adventures Handbook (see me first before you take or make anything from this book)


14.  When you gain levels, you must train 1 week per 1 skill point you wish to improve in

And two weeks for each feat.  A player with the skill or feat you want

Whose skill is greater than yours or posses the needed feat may train you at their discretion.

You may also run into NPC’s in the game who can train you too.  All other class

Abilities are automatically gained.  Prestige classes are gained but only under special circumstances and you must qualify and find a person of that class typically before you can take a level in it.


15.  If you do not choose a god or goddess, and your character dies, you join

The wall of the faithless in Kelemvor’s City.  Which means you can only

Be returned back to life by limited wish, wish or miracle spell.   Believers

Are raised normally.


16.  Please speak with Tom Cook the DM if you are interested in obtaining electronic

Books related to this game.


17.  I have an extensive d20 System collection, and can and will use these unofficial D&D books as needed.


18.  Be careful of your character’s behavior.  If you slip into evil alignment you are an NPC! 


19.   No revenge characters!  If your character dies and no one brings him/her back, tough!

Do not make some silly character that was related to the deceased just to get

Revenge on the party.     


20.  You are rewarded experience based on roleplaying after evening session.  If you

Say something it is in character.  Cross your fingers if you wish to speak out of

Character.  Good role playing only makes for more good role playing and helps

Create atmosphere for the other players beyond just me the Dungeon Master.

Entertain me with good roleplay, expect good experience.  Bore me and chatter

Out of character, expecting nothing.  I average the roleplaying and give a blanket

Reward accordingly.  The following chart shows the rewards:


Abysmal (ruining game) – likely expulsion of offending player from the game and no xp

Poor (I have to frequently talk over ooc conversations) – 0 xp

Average (some annoyances) – 100xp

Good (some interruptions) – 200xp

Excellent (OOC was to a minimum) – 500xp

Perfect (no one broke character and 99% of ooc was game related )- 1000xp


21.  After reading these rules and you are interested in making a character please

See my player utilities section for help building a character.


22.   Check this page frequently for there will be weekly updates


23.  Have fun, be creative and remember this is just a game!









































Week 8 (4/26/03)-


1.   I need a copy of everyone’s character sheets


2.  I am going to try to get my friend Mike Gilbertson into the game via conference call on my cell phone with a radio

     speaker phone.  Mike is an experienced 3rd ed player and will make a good addition to our game.


3.  I am thinking about doing a Play By Email (PBEM) of this game.  It will be daily except for Saturday of course.  It will

     make for a much more interesting and well thought out game, since I will have time to ponder and think with your    



      How will this work?  Very simple.  I send everyone on a mailing list an email describing the scene and everyone

                                       Emails the mailing list there actions (or just me privately if such action is done in secret).

                                       For those of you who will have irregular access to email, just give me a description of what

                                       Your character would do in most situations and I will roleplay the character accordingly.

                                       Dice resolution will be done by me and results will be given in responses.  Your response

                                       To combat must be given a general list of things your character will do and I will enact the

                                       Encounter accordingly. This will give us a chance to make for some very deep story and

                                       Make it all the more rewarding when we meet Saturday. 




































                                                     PLAYER UTILITIES


1.     The 3rd ed Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide & Monster Manual all in one! (Adobe acrobat PDF file)

2.     Character point chart

3.     Forgotten Realms Races

4.     Forgotten Realms Regions

5.     Forgotten Realms Feat List

6.     Starting gold

7.     Equipment allowable for purchase of character’s greater than 1st level

8.     Character Names

9.     Religions












































                                     CHARACTER POINT CHART


Ability Score             Cost                      (Start with 32 points, add racial modifiers in afterwords)

8                                0

9                                1

10                              2

11                              3

12                              4

13                              5

14                              6

15                              8

16                              10

17                              13

18                              16










































                                     FORGOTTEN REALMS RACES










































                                 FORGOTTEN REALMS REGIONS










































                                     FORGOTTEN REALMS FEATS
















































                                                   STARTING GOLD


Level-                             Gold -

1                                                              Max starting gold from PHB (depending on class)

2                                                              900gp

3                                                              2700gp

4                                                              5400gp

5                                                              9000gp

6                                                              13,000gp

7                                                              19,000gp

8                                                              27,000gp

9                                                              36,000gp

10                                                           49,000gp

11                                                           66,000gp

12                                                           88,000gp

13                                                           110,000gp

14                                                           150,000gp

15                                                           200,000gp

16                                                           260,000gp

17                                                           340,000gp

18                                                           440,000gp

19                                                           580,000gp

20                                                           760,000gp








































                                       ALLOWABLE EQUIPMENT

















































                                            CHARACTER NAMES








































                              FORGOTTEN REALMS RELIGIONS