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Welcome to a time when life was much harder. This is  a time when mythological creatures roamed the land and Tyrants and warlords battered for supremacy. Join is in an attempt to save the world of Chult fro ma fate worse then death.






 Using your magical Portal known in other lads as a computer you too can help shape the world to create a greater existence for you and your loved ones.


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The world of Chult

This is a brave new territory built on the great ocean to the south. The creatures that reside here can be cruel and fiendish, cleaver and brave. The lands around the territory can be deadly unless a party is adventures enough to explore further the future will be unknown.  For more info on the territories and lands visit the great Library.

Your adventures:

Your adventures will take you to places that only myth and mystery surround. You and a few other brave soles will set out on a quest to uncover the evil doing of the Black Mass and the many smaller societies that rage for control of the territories. Only you your wits and the few sparse items of powered that were handed down to you and your family will guide you on your journey. Only you can uncover the true meaning behind all of the evil beasts that has besieged your home over the past century.

The king and Kingdome:

The Kingdome has been ruled by the strong yet merciful king Iris the 5th. You have been summoned to his palace under the strictest of secrecy. He will give you a set of tasks to complete in order to prove your loyalty to the Kingdome you live in. Join us in the game to find out just what those tasks will be and see if you are heroic enough to be triumphant in your quests.


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Contact Information

E-mail address

Director of Operations: James Eischen

Sales: Robert Jones

Webmaster: The Captain

Support: Jacques Edcin

Customer service: Donna Jean

Web address

Customer Service phone

1- 800 TheQuest 1-800 – 743-7837


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Current Quests

*   Meet the king

*   Gather your party

*   Travel through the great forest

*   Deep in the Swamp

*   The Cult of the Dragon

*  The thieves of the night

*  The  murder of the shop keep

*  The tower of Dark sorcery

*  The tree of the dead

*  The Home of the Acolyte
*  The travel to the new lands


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Geographical Information

The land of Chult is surrounded by a great ocean on three sides and a huge unexplored land north of the Dead swamp. No mortal living of dead from the lads of Chult has been able to travel to the new lands and return alive to tell about it. Will you and your party be the fist? Join us online this holiday season to see if your leader ship is great enough to take up the tortuous task of traveling to the north beyond the Dead swam and into the lands of Amm.


*  map of Chult

*  Map of the lands

*  map of the Dead swamp

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Gulds of Interests

*   The Harpers Guild

*   The Thieves Guild

*   The Knights of the Rose

*   The nights of the Thorn

*   The druids’ clan

*  The merchants of Chult


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