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Quarterly reports 1999:


Milestones and Deliverables

Q1 -- S.E.A.D.S.  Opens its doors to the world of Role players. 10/99

We at S.E.A.D.S. are enthusiastic about  this new entertainment we are able to offer to the community.  We welcome all gamers to our location to enjoy an evening of Role Playing and adventure.
See a brief report of our games and entertainment. The world of Gaming TSR and The Forgotten Realms Further information and tips available.

Q3 -- S.E.A.D.S. Offers the Beginner a chance to learn with others and start from the ground up. Role playing is a fun way for Young and old alike to explore there imaginations and meet a variety in interesting people while enjoying hours of  safe entertainment for all.  The Beginning DUSK. campaign will begin upon a new   DM being appointed to run this game as the previously scheduled D.M. opted to concentrate on his Primary Campaign Gray Hake. Interested parties please e-mail our Webmaster and we will get you appointed as soon as possible. S.EA.D.S. Wishes to help one and all learn the way of a Role Player. and invites             all individuals to contact or webmaster for further information.

Q4 -- New Adventures and Campaigns coming soon.

Began on Feb 03, 2000 Using a home brew for a campaign setting. -- Winter of 99
Poke'mon gaming competition -----  Spring of 2001
Dragon Lance -----  Winter 2000
Never Winter -----  Summer of 2000
Other gaming worlds, "You get to choose" Please Contact The Captain and give him your Suggestions.


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