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Quarterly reports 2002:

Milestones and Deliverables

Q1 -- S.E.A.D.S.  SEADS Role Players pages adds new games

  • For the 2002 year we have expanded our gamming to include 4 different table top games in the D&D real as well as 4 different LARP games. 
  • SEADS introduced Baudur's Gate multiplayer game held ever Friday Night

Q2 -- SEADS plans its 2002 Necronomicon Trip 

  • Necronomicon 2002 is fast approching. SEADS has two rooms and a group of members planing to go to the Con
  • Pack the EDGE to a new Sabbat game

Q3 -- S.E.A.D.S. co sponsors many different games

  • SEADS is now merging D&D and LARP games to their web site.

Q4 -- This was a Slow Quarter and our primary business Computer servics has been booming.

  • The last quarter of 2002 I have not had time to work on the web site look for additions in the first quarter of 2003

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January 2002

New Changes coming soon

Our RPG Site has been seeing a lot of traffic lately and we have been Expanding our services in to new gaming platforms and worlds. Visit us often for the latest updates. Some features to come:

  • Never Winter nights

  • Baldur's Gate II

  • White Wolf

  • RPGA Living city campaigns

  • Your suggestions Requested

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February 2002

Well the new year is already started and were here for your gaming interests.

  1. Our group is still looking for new members. It seems  as though the new ownership of Living City campaigns has caused confusion amongst many of their players. The Living city game is being put on hold for now that the A.I.R.P.G.A. was hosting. They are putting together a Living Gray Hawk campaign and that game is open for all new players.

  2. Battle Tech is going strong on Saturdays at the college and has openings for players of all levels.

  3. L.A.R.P. has been taking off and growing. Seems the city of Hollywood Florida has been drawing much attention to it's self. Pack the Edge is really making an impression. Even the Elder they took on is now looking over her shoulder. ;) Learn more of this game by visiting the link Hollywood by night Game is played every other Friday night. This coming game will be full costumes and the Mardigra crowd. We have lots of games planed from find the ductis to demolition derby, to foot ball.  ;)  The Sabbat can be so much fun.

  4. Living City campaign hosted by Broward Area Role Players continues ever other Sunday. for further information please contact the DMG airpga@bellsouth.net

  5. Multi Player events still in the planning stage but coming to you soon by AIRPGA Services. Contact our web master for further information.

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March 2002

This month we have recently added a new 2nd edition game to our schedule.

  1. 2nd edition DnD game has began. we are in the territory of ~~~~~ and the hero has happened upon an imprisoned princess. 

  2. We are planning to begin a new L.A.R.P. starting April 20th 2002 contact our DMG for further information.

  3. AIRPGA Services in now AIRPGA L.L.C. and we are branching in to more web design so look forward to a new format for the Role Players pages soon. We are also increasing our Data bases to encompass many different forms of role playing as to offer you the visitor a better surfing experience.

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April 2002

Well the month started out with spring break and several local games are temporarily on hold due to lack of membership. 

  • One World By Night game in Tampa is still on

  • Broward Area Role Players Games:

    • April 7th: Death Rides Brown Wings

    • April 21st: The Shaft

    • May 5th: Art Imitates Life

    • May 19th: Sea Dog's Story

  • Tuesdays Home Brew game hosted at Dragon's Lair Still on

  • Vampire Table top game Saturday evening 

New games planed for the Next Quarter consists of L.A.R.P. Friday Nights, AIRPGA Living city game returning on Mondays, 2nd edition campaign Tuesday after noon for info on these and any other events please contact the webmaster of DMG via email at airpga@bellsouth.net

May 2002 - Expanded Seads pages to include LARP information

June 2002 - New Pack members recruited to Pack The Edge

July 2002 - Pack the EDGE has cleared out and seized control of Sabbat groups in Philadelphia by night and Fort Lauderdale by Night

August 2002 - Sabbat games coming to an end

September 2002 - New Dark Ages Vampire game beginning

October 2002 - Necronomicon 2002

November 2002 - The forces draining clans from Blood of Kings Camarilla game slowly being weeded out and dealt with.

December 2002 - All games coming to an end through the holidays. Visit us in January for updates and new events

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