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Quarterly reports 2005:

Milestones and Deliverables

Q1 -- A.I.R.P.G.A. Put on Hold Indefinitely

The AIRPGA is inactive as we had no one steeping forward to maintain the Club once The President Graduated from AI

Q2 -- A.I.R.P.G.A. - Were still around but inactive

We are still an entity but at present are not hosting nore partaking in any gaming be it Tabletop or LARP. We have not given up just lost the Desire to pursue Gaming at this time. We are focusing on our Computer Service Business

Q3 -- LAN Party Necronomicon 2005

SEADS LLC and the founder of the AIRPGA will be Attending and Hosting the 2005 Necro LAN Room. This will be our first official LAN Room hosted entirely by SEADS LLC Staff and A.I.R.P.G.A. members. We know it will be great so please visit us at the Con.

Q4 -- Entertainment.

Welcome C.H. Productions This is a new business entity we are working closely with to expand there services and the ability to host huge parties and LAN Events as well as many other Promotional and marketing services.

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