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Quarterly reports 2006:

Milestones and Deliverables

Q1 -- A.I.R.P.G.A. attempting to bring back our 2nd Edition D&D campaign. Please contact CaptainHDY@yahoo.com for more info.

The AIRPGA is still inactive but we are hoping to start our gaming once more soon.

Q2 -- A.I.R.P.G.A. - Were still around but inactive

Things did not happen the way we planed but know we are still around and will host a 2nd edition D&D game if we have enough interested members. Contact us if you are interested in a 2nd Edition High Level Campaign using Core Rules and Faerun as the setting.

Q3 -- LAN Party Necronomicon 2006

SEADS LLC and the AIRPGA will be Attending and Hosting the 2006 Necro LAN Room. This will be our second official LAN Room hosted entirely by SEADS LLC Staff and A.I.R.P.G.A. members. We learned alot from 2005 this year we even have a Poll where players can choose what kind of games we will offer.  Please visit our LAN Party Pages for more info.

Q4 -- Expanding LAN Parties

After we got back from Necro a friend of ours informed us of a Comics convention in the Hollywood Florida area. We visited then on Sunday as just learned of the Convention Saturday Night after attending a Rocky Horro Show hosted at Flippers Cinemas.

Florida Supercon

We were invited to Host a LAN Room at the next Convention AnimeSupercon. We will be upgrading our gaming systems and adding many new games to our systems for this convention.

C.H. Productions is starting to bring us promotional services and our partnership is working out well so far.

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