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Quarterly reports 2007:

Milestones and Deliverables

Q1 -- Focusing all of our attention on the upcoming Convention.

We have been approched on a few ocations reguarding our LAN Party service. Tenativly we will be  doing 5 LAN Rooms in 2007

  1. Anime Supercon
  2. Tates Comics
  3. Florida SuperCon
  4. Necronomicon
  5. Screamfest

Will update events on LAN Party Pages

Q2 -- Gettign ready to Expand LAN Parties

Anime Supercon April 2007 - LAN room was a HIT we were even approached about possibly hosting other LAN Parties at future Conventions. view the Pictures here

Florida Supercon 2007 - LAN Room was smaller at this event but was still a hit. We got lots of positive feedback about our Music Videos and Anime videos we ran. Look for us again at Anime Supercon in December

Q3 -- Conventions 2007

Necronomicon 2007 - This is coming up soon. Please visit out NecroLan page for more info

Chibi-Pa 2007 - This one is not far off and will be our first time at this Convention. We are sure it will be a Blast and look for a lot of Console gaming opportunities we have in the works for this Convention. Chibi-Pa Lan Party

 Please visit our LAN Party Pages for more info.

Q4 -- More Conventions 2007

JaniCon 2007

AnimeSupercon 2007


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