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AIRPGA Table Top Gaming - Reactivated October 08, 2010 as we have found a New DM

Welcome to the Temple of Elemental Evil

This will be a New Campaign starting at 2nd Level and Hosted by our New DM TBA later

The Temple of Elemental Evil will become a Weekly to start off and depending on Interest will grow over time. At Present there are 6 Players but we always have room for more.

Contact the Game Master for further info and if you would like to Join our Campaign. Game Master

Join The Airpga this year at Necronomicon in St Pete, Florida where we will introduce a 2 part mini campaign hosted by The Captain.

The lost tomb of of Old Belthar

In Xendolith (or any town of your choosing) the party of adventurers has
decided to stop on their way to some other province or to another adventure. The old  Oxfarm Inn is the small tavern in the town of Xendolith. That night in this small pub that lies below their adventurers rooms the characters overhear one of the patrons talking to a group of people near the bar. It is al old bard who spins a tail if Great Belthar

" Old Belthar was a warrior of old,
His tale is sung and continue told.
He saved our lands in times of need
A warrior who's hand was never greed,

To Belthar's crown of good,
Belthar crowned of good.

He fought the monsters and beasts,
We honor him with feasts."

This will be a 2 part Minnie campaign of lower levels possibly 3 - 4 who go on a quest for treasure and maybe even to unravel the mister of Belthar's Tomb.

Email our GM for further info The Captain


Attention prospective gamers, If you took the time to surf to this page you deserve a special gift only for you and your character. If you contact the DM before March 21, 2013 you will have the chance to customize your character and receive a special magical item all for taking the time to look at our web site. Please join our Yahoo Group and the DM will customize a character using standard core rules 2.0 and standard Class and race but customize rolls and description for you before the Convention starts off on Friday. Join the AIRPGA and contact the board master about your custom created Player character and the DM will give you up to 3 Magical items for you character to use during game play. Be sure to ask about MegaCon on the Board...

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AIRPGA LARP - on Hold as we need a new ST and many Narrators

SEADS LAN Party Service

Our future events:

  Want Your Event Listed here?
SEADS LAN Party (954)689-7573

Shadocon 2013


Year 3 - Theme: Secret Identity
Location: Tampa Florida
Hotel: Hyatt Regency
Date: October 4, 5, 6, 2013

 LAN Party Rules

LAN Party Prep

SEADS LAN Party Waiver

Other Table top gaming - Please visit Dragon's Lair and GXE for on going Table top based gaming

Local LARP Action - 2 Games in Broward County we are familiar with both are at Tate's Gaming Satellite Friday Nights and Saturday Nights




All Games Require you to Contact our Director of Operations via e-mail at captinhd@bellsouth.net or the clubs general email address airpga@bellsouth.net to reserve your space in a game.

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