Florida SuperCon 2007 Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Photo Gallery. Well SEADS LAN Party service has another event under it's belt. FSC 2007 was held in June of 2007 and the LAN Room was a Hit as usually.

Things went fairly smooth this time, we lost 1 Gaming system to the Power needs of our event where we blew a breaker and 1 of our systems did not come back online after the power failed. This was resolved after much headache and several attempts to restore the system we wound up substituting a different gaming system we had access to. The replacement system was not as powerful as the one that went down but it sufficed for the rest of the Convention.

Check out below several images we captured at the convention. As usual if you see your picture here please write us a brief description of your costume, who you are and where your from and we will include your info on these pages. Thanks for all the fun and look for us in December at SuperCon 3. :)


FSC 2007

Meet Marge's Sister

LAN Gaming is fun

The Crouds were out

Venders from everyware

your favioret Superherows were out in force

People were always smiling

If you come it will be here

100s of venders offered their wares

Girl "I'm so board" Guy "Wonderwoman I wonder"

Comics, toys, art we had it all

We need more recruits

Can we say Flash back?

Bands are fun Pass another Bud

Weapons welcome but must have a peace knot

Spidy what would Mary Jane say?

Ahhh the Newly weds

Ugg you pay toll

LAN Gaming at its best

I'm gonna reach in the game and duke you

some come to play

some know how to play

Smash Brothers life size

Some come to WIN

Remember this guy?

her is a hint nanananananana ......

Our Staff fining friends Go Beth Go BETH

Seems a little slow today been running on empty?

Revenge is such fun

Carful he Bites

Mr and Mrs President to be. You have my Vote

Hault who goes there. Papers please

Don't move or I'll Green you

Take no Prisoners

Princes my Princes

Luigi you Dog

It's the Great Space Ghost himself

"I sure hope I win" Naa "your shoes don't match"

Now how could he beat me out?

Beware of the FAN!!!

We are the world We....

Hurry up hurry up this thing Binds

Taddaa the Sisters

They love us I know

I'll get you y Pretty

Did some one say Pritty?

I know I'm Pritty

And our next Contestant...

The Mitty Mitty Pimp Slaper

I feel a draft

Your no Princes We are

Can't you tell from my hair?

I Dub you Sir Gigantus

Don't you love the way the wind blows through my hair?

And for my next dance I'll go Bonanza

Don't you wish your girl frind was Flexable like me?

Humm she can do amazing things I bet

What are you Compensating for?

Yea you know i'm Sexxie

I though this was VtM Hisssssss

Yes Master I will serve you well

My Head gear reminds me of taht Comercial Trogan MAN

he he he I'm Cute I'm Sweet, Please pet me

Them is fighting words

Errr I will Bash you all to smithereans

We will save the day

I cast Light

Nice..... Hi there Riff Raff at your servcie

I'm not gonna get it you get it. I'm not gonna get it lets ask Riff Raff

Did you see that A$&

Mario we come for Yoshie

Is it? It cant be. YEs yes it is.....

See Red Bull does give you wings

Doe Ray me fa so la tee doe

She has a hot voice doesn't she?

We come in Peace (To Bash your house in and tear up your lawn)

I know Hans is here some where

Galaxina 2007

are you having fun yet?

Those eyes there so enchanting

And they invited me to host this show?


Is that a I Phone or are you just glad to see me?

A family affair

I own you Sucker

I'll show you how to use that Garnade launcher

And I though it was all about the comics

SEADS LAN Party Hosting

I sure do get around

I see you know "hey who blew me up?"

He he he Remote mines are so much fun

More pictures to be added soon

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